Articles From the December 1994 Unification News


Children's Day at Sunshine School

by Kevin Thompson

The 35th Children's Day was celebrated in great style at the Sunshine School in Berkeley, CA, on Nov. 3. With a desire to make our church holy days more memorable and exciting than secular holidays, the staff and student body of the school made a heavenly day for parents and children. Beginning with a speech and cake-cutting ceremony on the school grounds, then moving on to the fun activities, a wonderful time was had by young and old.

With each class designing a game or activity-the children staffing it themselves-a spirit of responsibility and joyous cooperation was created. With apple bobbing, treasure hunts, squirt-gun marksmanship, and the immensely popular petting zoo, there was fun and prizes for everyone. The petting zoo, manned by K. Buscovich and Ariana Richie, had rabbits (courtesy of Ann Carrigan), hamsters, rats, newts and live leopard sharks, lobsters and crabs (provided by John Newberry of Ocean Church). Surely those children who participated will remember and long for Children's Day just as much as Halloween.

Reprinted from American Neighborhood

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