Articles From the December 1994 Unification News


Resolutions: My Future

by Justin Fong-Age 9-Long Island, NY

When I grow up I want to be two things. One thing that I want to be is a minister, like my dad. I chose this life because I will be just like my dad. It will help some problems in the world. I also think that it would help me later to do the right things in life. And help me be more calm and think more of others and feelings.

When I go to junior high I will start my education. I will be ready in physical fitness because I will have more muscle and probably I can do twice as much as I would have. And physics, which is the study of the forces and particles of the universe. Biology, the study of living things. And earth science, which is the study of the weather. I also think that it would be a time of Bible study. But I don't think that you can see God through the Bible, but through the things that He made.

My dad can help me in this goal because he is a minister. And he has been a minister since he was twenty. I can also witness for more people to join my church. And I will be able to think more about others. And I think that is a great idea.

I think that my behavior is good and it should stay good. Because people say that once you make a habit you can't stop easily and I want to make a habit of being good. Also, being bad will be some use to me because if I'm bad I will learn the feelings of some people and will be better for knowing how to approach people when I witness.

I think it's a good idea because my dad thinks it's a good idea. My dad is supporting by saving money for my education. And my dad and mom want me to work and save money for my education.


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