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Toward the Year 1999

Bill Lay-Queens, NY

This is a transcription of the speech given at the inauguration of the Family Federation for Unification and World Peace.

I was raised in the Catholic church, and I often asked why we have to go to church. Answers were given having to do with serving God, but actually the best explanation I ever heard was given by Rev. Zin Moon Kim, who said that we come to church to make other people happy. Like many things Rev. Zin Moon Kim says, when you think about that, the more you can appreciate it, so your coming makes me happy, and each other happy.

My wife and I are very honored to be following in the track of the Jones family. We actually have a very interesting relationship with the Jones family. Because of the legal career that I was pursuing, we moved up to Albany for a year. Lisa and I both felt the biggest part of being up there was living just a couple of miles from the Jones family, and getting to know them and their children. I felt hope, inspiration and confidence being around that family, particularly the children, because this is what we're most concerned about. To see a family where God was really dwelling and the children were really developing in such a wonderful way gave Lisa and me so much hope and confidence. That's the way we feel about this family. Then at some point we began to notice that we seem to be doing the same things as the Joneses. He became a lawyer, then I became a lawyer. Then we were asked to become a part of the Blessed Family Department as well, following the Jones family.

And then we heard that Farley and Betsy Jones were going to be the national leaders of this organization, but I did not anticipate that a few days later we would also be invited. Now I think, of course I don't have to worry about what the future will bring, I just have to look to see what the Joneses are doing!

I was also very inspired to know this is a real hometown type of organization. The New York area is Lisa's hometown; I was born in Japan. I'm from a military family, and I grew up in the midwest, but when we moved back to New York, about a year ago, we did it with the attitude that this is our hometown, and this is where we're going to make our stand. And when I saw that this organization was a hometown organization and that anyone who should be asked to take responsibility should be people in their hometowns. I really felt God recognition that this is our hometown and that we made this commitment. We very much love this New York area and want to serve it; to be asked to take a responsibility for the New York area is very meaningful to us.

Finally, I just wanted to share one thing about last summer's experience in Kodiak in which President Jones and I had a chance to participate. (See Unification News, September, 1994: "Atlastka!") At one point Father was up at North Garden talking to us, the lawyers. Father really enjoyed talking to the lawyers, teasing us to some extent. At one point, he got a book, entitled 1999, published in Japan, containing prophecies of someone referred to as the Korean Nostradamus. Father was really serious about this book. He had Col. Han explain to us what this book said. I was reflecting on why he took so much time emphasizing this book of prophecy, some of which corresponds to what Father has done, things happening in the world. My reflection is Father wanted to say something about the year 1999. He wanted to say: "Don't think that it just goes on and on, and I just continue to create organizations. We need to accomplish and conclude things, and when you make your plans, think that you want to accomplish things and conclude things by 1999."

So the Family Federation for World Peace may not be the last organization Father creates, I'm not saying that; but I feel it's a very significant organization and Father's work is approaching some real time of conclusion.

Thank you for the privilege of being in this organization together with you. Thank you.


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