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New Workshop Vision Provides Hope for an Internal Thanksgiving Feast

by Dan Fefferman

What: An experimental Divine Principle Workshop
When: Saturday, November 26
Where: New Yorker Hotel, Grand Ballroom
Time: 9:00 am to 8:30 pm
How Much: $40 in advance, $50 at the Door

Now that the cat's out of the bag about the Messianic Secret, it's about time we adjusted our workshop style to reflect the new providential reality.

That's what I've been feeling, anyhow.

I'm getting some definite confirming feedback on that opinion, too. Not only from fellow Church members, but from the Universe Itself.

In early October I began developing some ideas on new approaches to workshops and outreach. I got so excited that I drafted a letter to various Powers that Be when...

Never even had to mail it.

Out of the blue, I got a call from Tyler Hendricks saying Rev. Joong Hyun Pak wants me to come up to New York and help revitalize the workshop and witnessing tradition.

Talk about Synchronicity...

Anyway, by the time you read this, the new workshop idea will be about to become reality.

Here's what I'm so excited about.

O.K. It's the Completed Testament Age, right? That means that the role of Rev. and Mrs. Moon as True Parents is now openly proclaimed. No more Messianic Secret.

Our workshops haven't yet caught up to the new reality. We spend half our workshop time using the principles of restoration and the parallels of history to unveil what isn't even a secret any more. We're using the methodology of 1974 to reach the people of 1994.

Time to wake up and smell the ginseng.

It's now incumbent on us to show, not tell people what the fruit of the Tree of Life tastes like. That means helping them get in touch with their Original Minds and giving them practical tools they can use in their everyday lives to achieve spiritual growth.

That's why an experiential workshop is just what the doctor ordered.

What do I mean by an experiential workshop?

Basically this: very little blackboard teaching. A lot of group work, reflective exercises and guided meditations.

The idea is that we let people work with basic Chapter One principles, especially the Three Blessings. They then use them as tools to get in touch with their Original Mind.

Several things are accomplished through this method. First, people come to own the concepts--to discover the Principles within themselves--and no one falls asleep. Second, the workshop is designed to stimulate reflection and growth for members as well as for guests. Third, we widen the gate of heart for people to enter God's realm. Fourth, people feel that they've been given something they can use in their daily lives for personal growth. And finally, everyone leaves the workshop wanting more!

This in turn should help us be able to witness more effectively. It's much easier to get someone to come to a workshop if you can honestly share your own experience of growth and your confidence that your friend will get something they perceive as valuable for their investment of time and energy.

Everywhere I go, when I share this vision for the new workshop, people tell me things like: "God! It's just what we need."

Mike Inglis--who is my partner in this little endeavor--and I are so energized by what's going on, that we've decided to offer a money-back guarantee to anyone who is dissatisfied by their experience at the workshop.

Are we crazy, or is this the start of something big?

Here's a synopsis of the workshop schedule in case you're interested.

It's all based around the idea of the renewal of the Three Blessings.

Workshop Schedule

8:00 Registration begins

9:00 Orientation: The Original Three Blessings and our lives today

9:15 The Third Blessing: Guiding your life as a microcosm of creation.

9:30 Workshop in the Third Blessing: Goal setting skills as a tool for stewardship and success.

11:00 Ritual for the Third Blessing

11:30 Exercise in verbal and non-verbal greetings

12:00 Creation of discussion groups and Lunch

1:00 The First Blessing: Restoring original innocence and creativity

1:15 Breakout Workshops (choose one)

1. Inner Child exercise--Richard Cohen

2. Shadow Warrior Artistry--Dan Fefferman

3. Habits for Successful Living--Bill Lay

3:00 Break and discussion

3:30 Energizing Meditation--Myra Stanecki and Barry Geller

4:00 The Second Blessing: Life, love and lineage

4:15 Breakout Workshops

1. Life: Lifeboat Exercise--Dan Fefferman

2. Love: Marriage and Parenting Skills--Nora Spurgin 3. Lineage: Inner True Parenting--Richard Cohen

6:00 Dinner

7:00 Guided Mediation: "The Tree of Life"--Myra Stanecki

7:30 Introduction to True Parents and opportunities for further growth.

8:15 Closing Ritual--"Blessed Are You..."

I guess that's enough of an appetizer. The main course will be served November 26 at the New Yorker, just in time for you to have recovered from the physical feasting at Thanksgiving time.

Oh, and in case you're wondering about some of the exercises like "Shadow Warrior Artistry," "Inner True Parenting," or "Ritual for the Third Blessing," you'll just have to show up at the New Yorker on Saturday the 26th to find out.


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