Articles From the November 1994 Unification News


"Kodan Bazaar" held at Belvedere

On October 29 and 30, the "Kodan Bazaar" was held at International Training Center, Tarrytown, New York. The event was sponsored jointly by HSA-UWC Kodan Federation and HSA-UWC Ocean Church to raise funds for Unification Church's relief efforts for world hunger. The bazaar was also able to introduce Kondan's activities to the church's broader membership.

Although each day reminded New Yorkers coming of winter, both days of the event were blessed by unseasonably warm and fine whether, gathering more than 2,000 people. At the bazaar, a giant tent was set up to accommodate more than 20 booths, presenting more than 500 hundred items of food, clothing, gifts, and household items. All these were donated by individual members, the church affiliated groups, the I.O.E. Group, and other companies that were inspired by the purpose of the bazaar.

Sashimi and crabs donated by New York Fish House, fresh vegetables donated by Tongil Farm were very popular. Yet, among many items "True Love" kimchi, prepared by the Kodan members, was the hottest item. It was made with oriental lettuce imported directly from Korea and carefully prepared under close guidance of East Garden's kitchen chef. Though approximately 300 jars of kimchi were prepared, all were sold out, as well as sushi and oden donated by Japanese restaurants, affiliates of I.O.E. Group.

Concurrent with the bazaar, on the 29th, the Kodan Federation sponsored an art contest with more than 100 works submitted by young children from the member families and on the 30th, it sponsored a talent contest, soliciting participation of 22 teams of young children performing piano, violin, ballet, songs, and karate.

In April, 1993 The Kodan Federation was established by the inspiration of Rev. and Mrs. Moon, centering upon all Japanese Unificationists living in America. Rev. Moon has given two essential missions to the Kodan Federation. First, it supports, financially and otherwise, the activities of the Unification Church in America. Second, it bequeath a heart-centered tradition to America through outreach and education. Japanese woman in particular should exemplify and teach the traditions of loyalty, filial piety, and chastity. (Rev. Moon's speech of April 21, "My Life")

Rev. Moon initially appointed Rev. Zin Moon Kim, who has since been succeeded by Rev. Joong Hyung Pak, Mr. Sang Kwon Park, and Mrs. Yoko Kobayashi, as the national-level leadership to work together in a trinity system. Mr. Sang Kwon Park was appointed as the leader for all Japanese Unificationists living in America.

Since its inception, all local chapters of the Kodan Federation have been sponsoring lectures and educational events providing opportunities for American people to learn and experience Japanese culture.

This "Kodan Bazaar" facilitated greater understanding of its activities among non-Japanese members and interaction with local community. The Kodan Federation is planning to hold bazaar semi- annually in spring and fall and encourage local chapters to organize their own.


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