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Witnessing/Networking Strategies

According to the Institute for Executive Development, the most successful people invest at least 54% of their time networking.

Following are seven tested steps in the process of maximizing every networking opportunity:

1. Write out your ideal goal.

Before you go into a networking situation, write down the goal you would like to accomplish, i.e.: How many new people would you like to meet? With how many friends and acquaintances would you like to renew communication? Name as many as possible.

2. Keep yourself inspired and service-oriented.

Write down key points: Why are you excited about your product, service or ideas? What can it do for your potential contacts? Be authentically enthusiastic.

3. Know the uniqueness of your ideas and communicate this.

Characterize the uniqueness of your ideas in writing. Rehearse this so that when you get an opportunity to speak about your ideas, you can be brief and clear. Always leave your listeners with a definite impression about what's in it for them.

4. Listen more effectively.

Take complete responsibility for understanding what others say. Ask good questions and actually listen to the answers. Demonstrate a genuine interest and concern for the other person. Give him or her your undivided attention while he or she is speaking. Help the other person feel their value.

5. Be a resource for others.

Be a resource for others and ask them to be a resource for you. Try to create a positive situation for the person with whom you are speaking by connecting him or her with a beneficial third person or by offering a piece of information, etc.

6. Debrief after each meeting.

Review the conversations you had with the people you met. Make notes on how to take even better advantage of your witnessing opportunities.

7. Follow up.

Follow up in every appropriate way. Send handwritten notes. Keep your promises. Maintain a high level of integrity and reliability.


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