Articles From the September 1994 Unification News


Manhattan Center Goes to Woodstock '94

by Roy Clark-New York NY

Manhattan Center participated in Woodstock by sending up their recording bus, a modified trailer and several engineers. The bus was parked behind the north (main) stage and in it were several top guest engineers. They mixed every other band performing for Pay-Per-View and multi-track recording. That stereo-audio feed went out to 33 nations! The multi-track tapes will be used by each band, and also for a compilation album due to be released this November.

The modified trailer was rented by a company called Media America, and they set it up as a mobile radio station. They interviewed various artists, did all their production, and sent the signal out to 250 radio stations across America. Both vehicles had extremely complex set-ups, and the pressure was high, but everything went very well (thank God!). In the professional community, everyone who works with us knows exactly who we are.


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