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Murder of National Leader and Church Members in Rawanda

August 17, 1994-The World Mission Department has received further information from Rev. Sang Jin Lee, Regional Director of East Africa II in Nairobi, Kenya.

An "eye-witness" claims to have seen Veredique Parfait Rwabuhungu (national leader of Rwanda) and his wife Arelan Theophile (formerly of the Philippines) hiding in a remote village in Rwanda. The report of their death was also by an "eye-witness".

We have also received more details on the members who are confirmed dead. Gaston Mugamage, Rwanda national, was blessed in the 30,000 Couples to Sylvie Bonzeke of Zaire. Severin Hakizima, Rwanda national, was blessed in the 30,000 Couples to Ngalula Mwakilayi of Zaire. Both brothers, along with another brother Philippe, were killed at the church center in Kigali on April 29, 1994.

Missing are the following blessed members: Marie Nyonsenga, blessed to Maurice Thery of Nigeria; Marie Mujawimana, blessed to Nzito of Zaire; Anne-Marie Karisenge, blessed to Felix Sounumey of Benin; Genevieve Rujawamariya, blessed with Kodjou Amjou of Benin; Vincent Muberandinda, blessed with Marie-Helen of Cabinda. A brother in Rwanda is assessing the situation.

As stated before, all other members from the Unification Church in Rwanda are out of the country as refugees. Everything has been lost, and they are faced with the challenge of a new start for the providence in Rwanda. Anyone who wishes to send a donation to assist them may do so by sending it to the World Mission Department (make checks payable to HSA-UWC WMD) at 4 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036.

Further information will follow as soon as available.


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