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What's Wrong with The Divine Order for Men and Women

This is an excerpt from a letter responding to the article by the Quinns, "The Divine Order for Men and Women."

The Quinns made some statements that are historically incorrect. It is my understanding that in the 1940s women entered the work force in large numbers because their husbands, fathers and brothers were off fighting in Europe, Africa or Asia and not as the Quinns state to "rebel against this pattern of man as breadwinner and woman as homemaker," and they entered the workplace "competing with men when they should have entered into more volunteer work with other women." Give me a break!! The contribution of those women working in manufacturing, for example, was an invaluable part of the overall war effort.

I presume the Unification News is read by more than just our members. The Quinns may have been inspired by certain books and not so inspired by others (antifeminist versus feminist). Maybe a book review would have been a better format. This is a very explosive issue and naive remarks such as theirs about the 1940s reflect badly on True Parents and our Church.

Oh yes, another quote: "Women are misled if they feel they will best achieve their duty to mankind by becoming a figure of renown in politics, science and industry." This year at a leaders' meeting, Father stood up all the WFWP sisters and said we should become senators and start a new United Nations!!!!

I think that they have some very valuable things to say, but they need to think it out more clearly. They should present their ideas in a more rational, intellectual and ultimately professional manner.


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