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True Subject and Object, Not Men and Women

Dear Editor:

I am writing about Jon & Christen Quinn's article on "The Divine Order for Men and Women," which appeared in the July issue.

They disagree with author Jonathan Wells' statement that "subject and object positions and masculine and feminine positions can be interchanged, and often are interchanged." The Quinns further disagree with Mr. Wells' comment that "there is no relationship that is static in the sense of one position always being subordinate to the other position."

Instead, the Quinns say: "Objects are always subordinate to subjects." Their view is that Patriarchy, in which men lead and women follow, is the ideal way and destiny of society.

It seems the Quinns have an idea about which tasks for men only and women only, as if all men were "bold" and "always in action" and all women were content to sit on their cushions, "comfortably waiting" for their husbands to appear at the door, to draw from the quote from Rev. Moon that the Quinns selected. I wonder what tasks the Quinns will see for men. Shall they be doctors? Artists? Musicians? Scientists? Engineers? Academics?

What tasks shall fall to women in this Patriarchy? Dishwasher? Laundress? Cook? Maid? Delivery girl? I know, a position of true royalty: Queen on the couch.

What a dreary view this couple seems to present.

I found it ironic that the Quinns' article appeared just a few pages after the exciting and important discussion of "Subject Thought" by Dr. Sang Hun Lee. The future culture will be "Heart Culture," Dr. Lee said, with co-prosperity, co-righteousness and co-living as the norm.

Not once did Dr. Lee mention a male-dominated culture. Instead, "couples" and "parents" seem to occupy a singular and important position.

I think the Quinns have forgotten how the Principle of Give and Take works, and what the Triple Objective Purpose is.

My trusty Divine Principle black book (page 68) says: "An emotional force going from the subject to the object is called Love; another emotional force returned by the object to the subject is called Beauty."

Further down, the Principle says: "When the subject and object become united, there comes into being a love which is latent even in beauty and a beauty latent even in love. This is because when the subject and object unite in circular movement, the subject is able to stand in the position of the object and the object in that of the subject."

I believe that means that the subject will become the object and the object will become the subject until such time that they switch places again.

In the Divine Principle Study Guide 1, the Triple Objective Standard is explained thus: "Each of the four beings-the origin, subject, object and union-wants to take the subject position to the other three, and unite with them. Each also wants to serve the other three from the objective position." These relationships, the Study Guide notes, exist only within God and men. Presumably, the authors of the Study Guide meant God, men and women.

In any case, it is clear that Mr. Wells is correct. Objects may be subordinate to subjects, but no one person is always an object and no one person is always a subject. We change positions moment by moment, and happily so. Who on earth would enjoy being a subject every second of every day, giving, giving, giving. Even God likes to receive love! But the only way He can receive love is if He becomes the object of you and me, His children. Which would make us the subject of God (for at least a fleeting second).

Is this grandiose thinking? I don't think so. In my household, when my children seek to ask me a question, they are the subject and I am the object. Are they out of line by dominating that interaction? No. Have I left my position as parent when I give them my undivided attention? No. But I have become the object to their subjectivity. Is this wrong? Hardly. According to the Principle, it is the true way to have give and take.

Patriarchy is a New Testament Age practice that thankfully shall be retired forever. In its place, a true liberation of men and women shall emerge: in the Completed Testament Age, men and women will become one couple, as united and harmonious as two legs, two eyes or two lungs, revolving around each other as naturally and peacefully as people who are in love do. Couples, not just men, will run governments, according to Dr. Lee. Parents, which means fathers and mothers, will be leaders in society.

There's a famous Christian song that says: "In Christ, there is no East or West." Likewise, in true-love marriages and families, there are no static positions; instead, husbands and wives and children and grandparents and other relatives and friends all revolve in constantly changing, energetic, back-and-forth relationships of love. Everyone moves from subject to object and back again like lightning. And the result is called Joy.


Cheryl Wetzstein Lanham, Maryland


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