Articles From the July 1994 Unification News


In the Power and Authority of True Parents

by Dr. David S.C. Kim

These are excerpts from Congratulatory Remarks to the UTS Graduating Class of 1994. Dr. Kim was first president of UTS (1975-1994).

I would like to comment on Ephesians 5:20-21, which contains a message by Paul that is still very relevant to our times. Paul says, "Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God." I will give a brief interpretations of the important principles contained in these verses, as a way to encourage you new graduates, as you complete your course of studies in Barrytown.

In the recently established Completed Testament Age, we could adjust these Pauline verses in the following way: "Giving thanks always for all things until Heavenly Father in the name of True Parents; submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God."

I. Giving Thanks To God Always

This Pauline message is filled with wisdom and can be divided in three parts. First, it contains the proper standard of conduct for our vertical relationship to Heavenly Father-namely, giving thanks always and in all things. Thanks must be given not just for the good things, but for all things, under any circumstances, even when the situation seems terrible or difficult. Instead of responding with power-for- power or force-for-force, you must face difficult situations with a humble attitude and a thankful heart; by doing so, you will receive spiritual benefit.

For what must we be thankful to God? For creating the universe and all things, and for creating man and woman, including you and me. If you live your life like that, you will receive vertical power to overcome any kind of difficult circumstance. That way you will bring joy and harmony to your surroundings, will generate happiness, and will begin the ideal home, ideal work place, ideal school, ideal society, and ideal world. Father has achieved success by living his life by this principle. This is the secret to conquer the evil power and to control the principalities in the air. It will minimize any damage that Satan may want to inflict upon the dispensational work centering on True Parents and will bring success in the battle between God's dispensation and the power of the devil.

II. In The Power And Authority Of True Parents

The second principle of Paul's message has to do with the proper power and authority to offer thanks to God. In the Completed Testament Age, our prayers and thanks to Heavenly Father must be offered "in the name of True Parents," which means "in the power and authority of True Parents." Unless you do that, you will not be successful and will not achieve total victory over the evil power. When you offer thanks to God in the power and authority of True Parents, Satan retreats, and you are able to conquer any kind of evil power.

III. Submitting Yourselves to One Another

The third principle illustrated in Ephesians 5:20-21 shows us the proper conduct for horizontal relationships. We are urged to submit ourselves to one another in the fear of God. In Unificationist terms, we must keep an "object mind," or "object consciousness," especially toward those in responsible positions.

An attitude of love and respect is the proper way for brothers and sisters to behave toward one another. The expression "in the fear of God" refers to the principle that our horizontal relationships must be a reflection of our vertical relationship to God.

In practice, I encourage you to live by the three C's of successful God-centered living: The first C is Commitment to Kingdom building; the second C is Communication skills; and the third C is Control over yourself. The third C is particularly important, because before you can control the universe, you must first control yourself.


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