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Seminar On "Subject Thought" By Dr. Sang Hun Lee

Dr. Andrew Wilson

I was privileged to attend a special seminar on Subject Thought for the Completed Testament Age by Dr. Sang Hun Lee on June 14-17, 1994. Dr. Lee, who organized Unification Thought and VOC Ideology, has trained his systematic mind on the new teachings which Father has given in the last several years. As we enter the Completed Testament Age, it is time to study the truth that is suitable to that age. That is, we must understand clearly the way to form ideal families, to solve actual problems, and to realize world peace.

The Completed Testament Age opened with Mother's lecture tour. There she proclaimed "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age" in a speech which providentially is parallel to Jesus' proclamation, (probably the Sermon on the Mount) which opened the New Testament Age. When we think about how to understand and teach the truth of the new age, we would do well to begin with Mother's speech. What Dr. Lee has done is to systematize its teachings into detailed presentations which invite our study. These are not Unification Thought lectures for Ph.D.s and scholars. They are the basic thought of the Completed Testament Age, and may well become the foundation for reshaping our everyday teachings.

In the lecture "Background for True Parents' Proclamation," Dr. Lee gives a systematic overview of the internal providence which led to the installation of the True Parents. He distinguishes between the three parallel internal providences: to prepare a new Adam with the birthright and the sinless lineage; to prepare the bride, the new Eve; and to prepare the children, who can be blessed after having solved their Cain/Abel resentments through the embracing love of the mother. He gave clear examples of how these three providences were carried out in the ministry of Jesus, in Father's first course up to 1945, and in Father's victorious course through 40 years in the wilderness up to its consummation on August 24, 1992.

With similar clarity, Dr. Lee lectured on other matters of recent and present-day providential history. In "Proclamation of God's Eternal Blessing" he discussed the course of transition from the end of the 40 year wilderness course (1985-88) to the opening of the Completed Testament Age. In "Providential Plan for a Unified North-South Korea," he examined the plans of both the North Korean and South Korean governments, as well as Father's plan to reunify the Korean peninsula. Anyone who wants to have a clear idea of what is going on in God's providence today can profit from studying this material.

In other lectures, Dr. Lee discussed Father's directions for establishing an ideal family and ideal society. In recent years, Father has taught us about the Three Great Subjects: parent, teacher and owner. He has described the Four Great Realms of Heart and the Three Great Kingships. Dr. Lee discussed these concepts and expounded on how we can apply them to our families. He went on to describe the ideal society in its economic, political, religious, and cultural aspects, which are becoming clearer in light of Father's more detailed pronouncements.

I have no words to describe the importance of Dr. Lee to our Unification movement. Of the three fundamental ideological foundations of Unificationism: Divine Principle, Unification Thought, and Victory Over Communism theory, two of them were developed by Dr. Lee. Dr. Lee is one of the few leaders whom Father trusts to write his thought. This is because Dr. Lee is a man of deep faith and loyalty to our True Parents. He has the ability to systematize Father's thought without deviating a whit from the fundamental Principle.

Dr. Lee is in his eighties, yet his mind is clear and his vitality is undiminished despite his age. He pushed us to intensive study for twelve hours a day over four days. Dr. Lee spoke in Japanese and was translated by Mr. Takeshi Furuta. The entire workshop has been videotaped, and videos will be available from the Unification Theological Seminary. [Send inquiries to: UTS Audio-visual Dept., 10 Dock Rd., Barrytown NY 12507.]


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