Articles From the June 1994 Unification News


WFWP "TAP"s into the Atlanta Project

by Lili Kato-Lawrenceville, GA

On Saturday, April 30, the Women's Federation for World Peace of Georgia participated in the Atlanta Project's TAP into Peace campaign. The Atlanta Project (TAP) was created in October 1991 by former President Jimmy Carter as a way to help Atlanta's communities gain access to the resources they need to solve the problems that they are most concerned with. This was an excellent opportunity for members of WFWP to meet people who have been doing community work in this city. This particular program mobilized volunteers to go door to door in the city's clusters (or neighborhoods) and ask the residents to sign a peace pledge promising that they will make peace their way of life. We could meet with the Cluster Coordinator and the Assistant Cluster Coordinator who were quite impressed with our enthusiasm and our ideas about women's role in world peace. During this event, WFWP members were interviewed by live TV coverage for Channel 2 News. We could express the essence of what WFWP is and why we were participating in the Atlanta Project's campaign. Also, Donna Mason and Joanne Hardarson, the regional WFWP president and vice president respectively, attended a press conference for Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalyn. There were many representatives from different organizations attending this conference, and as Donna and Joanna were wearing their WFWP badges, this was a good chance to make WFWP's name known. We now have some solid contacts with TAP. These are women who are very serious about improving the quality of life for their children and families in their communities. They have a newsletter which reaches many people in the city of Atlanta and they have extended an invitation to WFWP to use it for advertising our own events and projects. During this one day wee have opened a big door for our WFWP work. The spiritual foundation has already been laid by our True Parents. Our job is to see the opportunity and grab it!


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