Articles From the June 1994 Unification News


Twelfth Annual Spring Open House at UTS.

by Sarah M. Witt-Barrytown, NY

On Sunday, May 15th, the Unification Theological Seminary hosted its twelfth annual Spring Open House. Although it did rain, the rain stopped long enough for the martial arts demonstration enjoyed by our guests.

Outdoor activities, especially the hayride and the treasure hunt for the children, were in full swing. In the treasure hunt, children from the age of about eight and up were challenged to find all the clues painstakingly prepared for their participation. I happened to be one of the clues, "a grandmother at U.T.S." So I had to be available. Students had worked hard to plan this ingenious treasure hunt for the children, and when it was over, prizes were given out.

Marie Wesaw was responsible for coordinating the children's activities. There was face painting and balloon creations of all kinds by Tim Birdsong, U.T.S. '92, who volunteered his time, effort and finances for this occasion. He's become quite an expert in creating many different kinds of animals and loves working with the children. We appreciated his contribution to the success of our Open House.

When it began to rain again out on the soccer field, our Food Services Manager, Frank LaGroterria and his wife, Kaeko, and their efficient kitchen crew moved dinner services indoors. I was proud of our brothers and sisters who worked so hard to take care of everyone.

Then, miraculously, when we had all eaten our fill, suddenly the rain stopped and the entertainment could proceed as planned!

After the Music Lovers Club Band had regaled the audience with three selections from the Beatles and two selections written by Hyo Jin Moon, Marco Rodriguez, U.T.S '92, here from Nashville, entertained us with his new country sound. A Philippino Dance Troupe followed with a traditional Philippino Dance. Miyong Brogan and Franchesca Hill performed two songs. Then there were Miyuki and Raul, professional singers from the Manhattan Center. The final song was led by our African Hungarian brother, Simon Bedello, a Junior at U.T.S., and the Music Lovers Club Band. All in all, every act was well-received by the audience, and deservedly so, since they had put so much work, love and time into preparing for this event.

So, as in previous years, everything had fallen into place, in spite of the rain. I felt a sense of gratitude and joy at seeing so many brothers and sisters I hadn't seen for at least a year, and some I hadn't seen for many years. We have so much to be grateful for, and I want to thank everyone who came and shared with us.


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