Articles From the June 1994 Unification News


New Students to Korea for '94-'95

Recently 20 new students were selected for admission to the Blessed Children's Education Program class of 1994-1995. They are from America (15), Japan (1), Germany (2) and France (2).

We look forward to their coming to the Fatherland in September of this year. As the numbers of blessed children grow, the qualifications to come will be higher and higher. If you have plans to send you child here in the future, please begin preparing them now by introducing the Korean language to them.

Many Japanese students come here with years of language training and are able to master Korean quickly. Because it is more difficult for English-speaking students with no second-language fluency to learn Korean, an early start is recommended.

Reprinted from The Western Program's Dormitory News, May 15, 1994.


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