Articles From the May 1994 Unification News


True Mother Speaks at Chicago State University

March 13, 1994
by Marie Hudson

On a rainy Sunday morning, Chicago members had the honor to receive True Mother. WFWP, Campus Ministry and CARP, working together, prepared Chicago State University for Mother's arrival. With Rev. Hong's guidance, we rolled up our sleeves to prepare for the 100- campus tour. Rev. Purnell Spicer worked with the ministers who went to ICC, to bring their congregations to this event. WFWP, Campus Ministry, tribal messiahs and CARP worked on the campus at Chicago State.

On the day of the event, as we watched the room fill, members got the feeling that this was entirely different from the other events that we held here in Chicago. Michelle Dunlap, graduate of Chicago State, and Rev. A.I. Dunlap's daughter greeted Mother on behalf of the students of Chicago State. Dr. Morton Kaplan introduced True Mother. As Mother spoke, you could feel how serious she was to convey her message to the college students who were there. You could see in Mother's eyes and hear in her voice the love that she had for each person attending there. The room was so quiet that you could not tell people's reaction to True Mother's words. After Mother finished her speech, the crowd gave her a standing ovation, and you could feel that their hearts had received Mother's words.

As Mother left Chicago, I could feel the weight of the responsibility True Parents and True Family are taking on to restore the college campuses to God's side.

With all of our hearts we would like to thank True Mother for coming to the "Windy City" and bringing God's love to us.


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