Articles From the May 1994 Unification News


Jin Sung Nim speaks at the University of Chicago Circle Campus

March 20, 1994
by Marie Hudson

On March 20, 1994, members in Chicago greeted Jin Sung Nim. For us it was the first time to receive Jin Sung Nim in Chicago. As we worked on the campus we kept this in mind and we wanted to bring the best result that we could for Jin Sung Nim. WFWP and CARP worked together on the UIC campus. It was so inspiring to see young members working with their elder sisters. With Rev. Hong's guidance and his continuing inspiration, members could find the strength each day to go out and get signatures. And in spite of the cold and the wind, we had many good experiences with the students on the campus. On the day of the event about 400 people attended the speech. As Jin Sung Nim spoke you could see people paying attention to him, and some people's faces were very intense as they drank in every word of the speech.

After the speech Jin Sung Nim spoke to members at the CARP center. He scolded us for not preparing a larger place for him to speak to members. He told us that he was there not only to give True Mother's speech, but also to give God's and True Parents' love to the members. As he left for the airport, he reminded us that he would be back March 27, and that this time he would expect to speak to members. He told us if we prepared well and prayed hard, God might give us a wonderful blessing. At the airport some of us had time to speak with Jin Sung Nim; his heart toward us was amazing. In the short time he spent with us, he tried his best to give us True Parents' heart and love. As he boarded the plane, our hearts felt renewed, and we felt that we could bring an even better result for our next event at the University of Chicago.


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