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Public Access Cable and the Divine Principle: Last Days TV meets the Messiah

by Curtis & Sanae Martin

Have you ever been flipping through the cable channels and come across shows like: Atheists United, Hope Chapel, New Age Religion, The Arts and You, That Which Is: Process of Change, Navy News This Week, Superstition/Talking-Snakes/Taxes..., All Nations Forum IV, The Principle of Creation? If so, you may have encountered the phenomenon known as Public Access Cable.

Cable companies use city utilities to provide cable service to customers. So the cities require cable companies to provide local residents access to production facilities and equipment. Hence the term "Public Access." This is a prime opportunity for God and Satan to duke it out on your TV, as the random sample listing above demonstrates. Just as democracy allows God's children to cast their vote for true freedom, Public Access gives us freedom to cablecast our programs for true video, to let God's voice be heard above the grumble of satanic mutiny.

My wife and I have had Divine Principle going on Torrance Community Television (TCTV) for most of 1993. Unfortunately, there waS an old phone number recorded on the tapes we were using, and we didn't get any responses.

After passing the first production workshop, we were able to get in and edit our home phone number onto the tapes. We started the series over and began to get phone calls after the programs. After Creation, we lent someone a Divine Principle book and Twelve Talks II. After the Fall of Man, two Christian brothers came to hear In Jin Nim at USC.

TCTV has an Annual Video Awards in January. Michael Balcomb's Principle of Creation won second place out of seven entries in the Bicycle Category. "Bicycle" means to bring in a tape produced outside the local cable area as if on a bicycle.

We have been able to get raw footage of WFWP and Ocean Challenge events. Our first homegrown production, "Ocean Day 1993," was cablecast in April this year.

Steps to get involved in Public Access and put Divine Principle on your local Public Access Channel:

1) Call the Cable Company that serves your city. Ask for the contact name and phone number of the "Public Access Coordinator."

2) Call the Public Access Coordinator, and tell them that you want to participate in their Public Access Program. Ask: "What do I do to get involved?"

3) Attend an orientation meeting. This is where you will sign up for basic privileges: submitting bicycle tapes to cablecast, and placing alphanumeric announcements (non-profit classifieds), on the Public Access Channel in your area. You will also learn the rules and procedures.

4) Bicycle Divine Principle tapes for cablecast. As long as you are a resident of the cable area, you should be able to get these on the Public Access Channel. They usually need to be on 3/4-inch videotape, instead of the usual 1/2-inch VHS tape. (No, they don't play in your VCR!)

5) Attend video production workshops. Your local cable company will have studio facilities, video equipment, production workshops and staff available to help residents produce, edit and star in their own productions. During the workshops you will have a chance to get to know the staff of the P.A. facility and other members of the community. This is where you will make friends and form alliances for the final step:

6) Produce your own programs. This is the most difficult step, and it may not be for everyone. It is one way to contribute to tribal messiah work. Do new coverage of tribal events, such as WFWP, Ocean Challenge, Free Teens, USA, even Divine Principle workshops.

Don't be discouraged if you aren't producing programs in the first two weeks. I first heard of Public Access in 1981, and produced the first program in 1994. It may take a couple of years of steady investment of time and heart. Keep your eyes on the prize and it can be done.

Finally: encourage and support one another. We would be interested in hearing from other independent public access producers.

Curtis & Sanae Martin
21610 Evalyn Avenue
Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 316-6302


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