Articles From the May 1993 Unification News


Rev. and Mrs. Moon to Speak Throughout America

by Dr. Tyler Hendricks

On May 13 in New York City, Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon inaugurated a 32-city speaking tour of America. They are addressing the topic, "The True Parents and the Completed Testament Age," to audiences consisting primarily of clergy, scholars and civic leaders who have worked in concert with Rev. Moon's vision over the years. In addition, it is an opportunity for the extended families of church members to encounter the co-founders of the Unification Church first hand.

Although the Moons have spoken often at various conferences over the past 15 years, such as the Science Conferences, the Assembly of the World's Religions, and the World Media Conferences, they are speaking now on a broader theme at a moment of great providential significance. The theme, as referenced in the title of the speech, is the present- day transition from the New Testament Age into the Completed Testament Age.

To understand the significance of this tour, it is instructive to review the period of 1972-76, during which time Rev. Moon first spoke throughout America. America had lost its way through the cultural sea of changes of the 1960s. The hopeful idealism of the '50s civil rights movement and early 60s Kennedy era was lost amidst cities torn by riots, large-scale drug abuse and free sex. America lost any sense of its purpose in the Vietnam War. The country turned against its own government and finally its President en masse.

Amid this turmoil, there appeared as if from nowhere a large and activist contingent of clean-cut, college-age men and women who were proud of their country and exalted its Judeo-Christian heritage. They were proclaiming the arrival of a new religious leader, Rev. Moon. This leader, from the rather forgotten nation of Korea, entitled his message, "New Hope: Christianity in Crisis." He hosted banquets and delivered formal addresses in major halls in every state of the Union. He called Americans to be proud of their moral traditions.

If one looks back at those speeches, one finds that Rev. Moon addressed the trends which shaped the next twenty years of our history. He decried the increasing free sex and drug use among young people, and said that he came to launch a "new pilgrim movement," which would solve these problems through the power of God. Thousands of young men and women responded, and indeed were empowered to lives of sexual chastity, free of addictions. Reverend Moon called Christianity to re-instill traditional family values and morality, warning that without that, the national decline would only gain momentum. He encouraged Americans to forgive their President, in a spirit of love and unity, and said that with a disabled America, communism would spread rapidly.

This crusade culminated at the Washington Monument American Bicentennial gathering. Shocked that no celebrations of the nation's 200th birthday referred to God, Rev. Moon created the "God Bless America" rally at this important juncture.

The American response to Rev. Moon was ambivalent. Virtually no one of great stature supported Rev. Moon's message. However, we can see that, even without giving credit to Rev. Moon, by the late 1970s the themes which he articulated throughout the land were taking shape in the rise of the new conservatism, which led to the astonishing victory of Ronald Reagan in 1980. Family values, the vision to overcome communism, the revival of traditional Christianity these were the spiritual hallmarks of the 1980s, all themes to which Rev. Moon had called America in the 1970s.

Though the message was accepted by some, the man was not. Rev. Moon underwent the insanity of a politically-crafted IRS tax-case. In this trial, bigotry and self-interest ran roughshod over the Constitution in order to suppress a religion unpopular with powerful interests. Thus various life-negating trends of the 60s festered, leading to crack-cocaine, satanism, high rates of divorce and adultery, proliferating pornography, satanism, high rates of divorce and adultery, proliferating pornography, continuing racism, a collapsing educational system, the rapid rise of violent crime, public approval of homosexuality, and AIDS. Anyone viewing the 1990s America from the perspective of 1960 surely would have to say that Rev. Moon's observation that God is leaving America was absolutely correct.

It is now fifteen years later. The Reagan era is past; Reagan himself looked the other way when Rev. Moon was imprisoned. Rev. Moon offered assistance to George Bush's two wars: against Iraq, and against drugs. Bush ignored both overtures; his administration's efforts failed, and he lost the presidency. Rev. Moon's investment of all the resources of his worldwide church into America, for the sake of America's future, has been shrugged off by the American establishment. Anyone among us, having been mistreated to such a degree, would, at the least, kick the dust off his sandals.

But Rev. Moon continues to love America and sacrifice for America. At the age of 73, he will embark, with his wife, on a grueling course of speeches in 32 cities. This man does not think in terms of dollars and cents; he does not think in terms of public relations or political leverage. His only concern is to give God's Word, sacrificing everything else. That is his responsibility. To receive God's Word or not is the responsibility of the people of America. Judging from the significance of his last speaking tour of America, it would behoove this nation to pay close attention to him now.

The themes on which Rev. and Mrs. Moon are expected to speak represent the cutting edge of his life's ministry. He will explain the providential course of his ministry, beginning in 1945 and leading to the present day. He will explain the meaning of the True Parents, and the responsibility that he and Mrs. Moon have fulfilled in relation to that position. He will explain the significance of that for all people, centering on family life, about how complete salvation is now afforded to families. This is one dividing line between the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age.

In the New Testament Age, salvation was according to the individual's faith, and extended no further than the realm of the individual. As Jesus said, in heaven people are neither given nor taken in marriage. In the Completed Testament Age, the Kingdom of Heaven is in the family. How, Rev. Moon asks, can a wife be happy in heaven if her husband or children are in hell? Rev. and Mrs. Moon will explain how, guided by God, they pioneered the course to established family salvation on the earth. The family is the real building block of society. Once family salvation is accomplished, the path is opened for the salvation of the society, nation and world.

Thus Rev. and Mrs. Moon believe that, with the guidance of God, we can solve today's problems. Through true family love, the problems of drugs, free sex, homosexuality and racism are overcome. They believe that a world of true freedom, peace and happiness are within the grasp of humanity. But to accomplish this, we must understand the will of God today. Those interested in attending their speech, please call the phone number provided in the city nearest you.

It is hoped that the American people will view Rev. and Mrs. Moon's visit as an opportunity to hear their message directly. It is hoped that the people will listen sincerely and pray, look at the state of our society, and decide for themselves.


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