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The Little Angels Tour Returns to the United States

The Little Angels Children's Folk Ballet will perform again in the United States. Other than a few performances in New York and Florida last year, The Little Angels haven't performed in the US for over eighteen years.

The Little Angels 1993 10-city tour begins January 12, when the group arrives in Chicago. Performances include a stop at the Centre East Theater in Chicago (Skokie) on January 22.

They will dance at the world famous Carnegie Hall in New York on Saturday, January 30, and, finally the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington DC on February 1. They will give 14 performances in 23 days.

Founded in 1962, The Little Angels have been touring for over 25 years. The group is dedicated to promoting Korean traditions. Their repertoire is based on ancient legends and folkloric songs and dances some 2,000 years old.

The company, composed of young women between the ages of 7-15, has done eighteen world tours in over forty countries. They have performed for such dignitaries as President Mikhail Gorbachev, former Prime Ministers Gandhi and Nakasone, Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon and Ford and were the first Asian company to give a Royal Command Performance for Queen Elizabeth II.

Special Little Angel souvenirs, video tapes and program books will be on sale during the performances, so come prepared.

Sponsored by Northwest Airlines, The Washington Times, Radison Hotel Lincolnwood, Sae Gae Times, The Little Angels, Korea's cultural emissaries to the world, are a must see during their 1993 USA Tour.

Tour Schedule

Kohler, WI The Kohler Center Jan. 14 (414) 458-1972
Milwaukee, WI Pabst Theater Jan. 16 (414) 278-3663
Green Bay, WI Weidner Center for the Arts Jan. 17 (414) 465-2217
East Lansing, MI Wharton Center Jan. 20 (517) 336-2000
Chicago (Skokie) Center East Theater Jan. 22 (708) 673-6300
Ann Arbor, MI Power Center Theater Jan. 24 (313) 763-3333
Indianapolis, IN Clowes Memorial Hall Jan. 26 (317) 921-6444
New York City Carnegie Hall Jan. 30 (212) 247-7800
Washington DC Kennedy Center for Performing Arts Feb. 1 (202) 467-4600


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