Articles From the January 1993 Unification News


Hark, You'll Hear The Father Weep

Richard L. Lewis, 1992, to the tune of "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing"

Hark, you'll hear the Father weep,
For His son in Bethlehem.
Born to be the Priest Most High,
Spurned, he lies in unclean hay.
Liz'beth take your cousin in,
Mary needs her kith and kin;
Jesus teamed with your son, John,
One day, Israel will redeem.
Do not leave him all alone;
Or the cross will be his throne.

Stay! you'll hear the Father cry,
To the three kings from the East.
Don't just leave your gold and myrhh,
Then from Herod's malice flee.
Be brave, wise men, listen well,
He can lead mankind from hell.
Raise him up, Oh kingly three,
As a prince with dignity.
Who'll a carpenter believe;
Tis his childhood if you leave.

Wake! you'll hear the Father begging,
While the chosen people sleep.
Long millennia you suffered,
For the promise He now keeps.
Glorious day, the Lord Messiah,
Shield him, Satan wants him dead.
If he's killed, the future's grim,
Suff'ring will salvation bring.
Do not make two thousand years,
Pass before Christ comes again.


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