Articles From the January 1993 Unification News


An Invitation to Renewed Spiritual Life

by Dr. J. A. Baughman

Dr. Baughman is the President of HSA-UWC America.

Some years ago I received an invitation to attend Reverend Ahn's 40-Day workshop, but due to rumors I had heard and because of what I thought were more important things to do, I did not accept it until finally a year and a half ago. After having done so, I realized how foolish I had been on both counts.

In this new year of 1993 on the heels of True Mother's speaking tour, we are all asking the same questions How shall we carry on? How shall we really save America? How shall we grow personally, and as a family and movement? How shall we survive financially, emotionally and spiritually? In a panic under pressure, we often respond to these questions by isolating ourselves and abandoning many of the activities which are the foundations of faith and substance needed to acquire the spiritual fortune necessary for us to succeed.

One of the most crucial of these is a renewed understanding of what initially brought us to the True Parents the Principle. Especially for those of us who are elders in the movement, we are often content with our splintered knowledge of the Principle from lectures attended in the distant past. In the heat of our busy schedules, missions and family duties, we seldom study on a daily basis, and we make excuses as did I to avoid attending seminars designed to bring us back to the reasons why we do all these things in the first place.

Likewise, very few leaders or members teach the Principle in any systematic way, and for those of us who do, how often do we update and refresh our understanding as any responsible teacher would be expected to do? In times of crises such as these, we view a Principle workshop as a tedious nuisance placed last on our list of things to do. Yet, it is the most important if we are to get back on our feet again.

We must get back in touch with what we really believe, and realize again the power of the Principle to transform and offer a superior alternative to any other in existence. The first step in doing this is to immerse ourselves in intensive Divine Principle study once again. Father has directed Reverend Ahn to provide such a course for the very purpose of survival and success in our lives.

What shall we say when we witness? How shall we save, protect and strengthen our Blessed marriages and families? If we cannot resurrect ourselves and rediscover the value of the Principle in our own lives, how can we expect others to feel the enthusiasm and power of the Principle? Since the "life element" of love and truth is necessary for spiritual growth, the Principle is literally food for our spirit self.

Reverend Ahn's 40-Day seminar brings out the essence of the Principle in a profound and enriching manner unique to any other perspective to date. It not only provides deep spiritual insight for us to transform ourselves, but also provides practical guidance as to how we can actuate and measure our growth.

This brief article cannot attempt to represent the profound importance of this seminar. My more extensive "Reflections on Reverend Ahn's 40-Day Workshop" is available upon request if you seek further testimony of the empowering nature of this seminar. Let it suffice to say that this program is a pre-requisite for our success in America if we are ever hoping to save it.

I appeal especially to my elders and colleagues in leadership positions. Not only should you encourage your members to attend this seminar every three years, but more importantly, it is imperative that you do so as well. None of us can claim that we are experts in the Principle, and that we need learn nothing else merely because we are doing critical missions for True Parents. None of us should feel too proud or embarrassed to admit that a 40-Day seminar on the Principle would do us all a lot of good and even help us fulfill our responsibilities for True Parents.

In this appeal, I include the Regional Directors and all Korean elders, Japanese leadership, American leadership, Second Generation and membership as a whole Father exempted no one in his mandate that we all participate in Reverend Ahn's workshop periodically. Perhaps some may think me brazen for making this statement. Perhaps also, however, this thinking derives from the notion that workshops are only for those who are young or who have spiritual problems as if there was anyone in our movement without spiritual problems!

Participation in 40-Day is for one's personal spiritual life, as well as for the successful maintenance of one's family and tribal messiah work. It will be the foundation for us to accomplish the work of USA and WFWP, since we are now being asked to educate others through these timely activities.

I encourage everyone to apply for the next 40-Day program (March 1 to April 9). Also, feel free to call Reverend Ahn's Education Office to inquire about other 40-Day seminars scheduled for this year: (212) 239-1093.

The salvation of America and the world lies in our hands. The question is how capable are our "hands" to fulfill such a holy and awesome task. I am certain that our confidence and reliability will be enhanced greatly by responding seriously to this invitation.


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