Unification News for May 2001

Farewell to Shin Yea Nim

Our deepest sympathies go to True Parents, Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim and all of True Family concerning the passing of Shin Yea Nim the 3rd and youngest daughter of Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim. She passed at 7:16 pm on Saturday, April 28th at the Dobbs Ferry Community Hospital. She was a little over 1 year old and passed due to an illness.

She is the 3rd daughter youngest child of 3 boys and 3 girls. A farewell ceremony will be held at Belvedere at 3:00 pm on May 1st. The Seung Hwa Ceremony will be held in Korea.

We ask for all our families to join in heart and prayer for Shin Yea Nimís ascension and eternal happiness. We also request that your prayers be given for True Family at this time.

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