Unification News for May 2001

April 1 - Memphis, Tennessee

Nearly 400 people filled Greater Hope Baptist Church on a Sunday afternoon for the 35th state of the 52-state "We Will Stand" tour. The Tennessee volunteers were out in force as they reached out to churches all across the state in this historic campaign to break down walls among races and church denominations.

"Let us work together to rebuild the family, restore the community and renew the nation", proclaimed Reverend Michael Jenkins, president of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification at a press conference immediately preceding the event

Among the ministers joining him for the press conference were Reverend B. C. Brooks, pastor of Praise of Zion Baptist Church, Reverend William Duke Allen, Praise of Zion's associate pastor, Reverend Carolyn Bibbs, founder of Creative Life Inc., Reverend James Bingham of James Bingham Ministries, Bishop R. L. Fidler, and Minister Anthony Muhammad of the Nation of Islam.

Asked if the ministers were followers or supporters of Father Sun Myung Moon, Reverend Allen responded, "We're not all followers of Reverend Moon, but rather supporters of his call for unity and building stronger families and communities."

Among the press conference speakers was state Rep. John DeBerry (D-Memphis). He thought he was asked to come because of his support for family legislation this year that establishes a Fatherhood Commission. The panel will study the state's role in making more men be responsible fathers.

Later in the press it was revealed that he had been uncomfortable with the program and had therefore left abruptly, citing some kind of "miscommunication."

The event began with a lunch of fried chicken, fruit, punch, cookies and cakes in the church gym. Children played on an inflated moon walk. Outside, the Christian rock band Proto played.

Bishop J of Kentucky preached: "We just don't know what God has prepared for this great march to build His kingdom. We have not understood Reverend Moon. We didn't know the anointing that was upon him. Now we can see and a Pentecost has come. God has raised up a leader among us to unite the churches and bring a revolution to the Christian world. We see tonight the dream of Jesus being realized. We are all one. Thank God for Father and Mother Moon."

Father Moon's sermon was warmly received by the diverse yet unified congregation.

"Which is the most important or has the highest value out of love, life, and lineage?" he asked.

"Love" was the response.

Actually, "lineage is most important" corrected the preacher from Korea.

It was a day to remember and build upon.

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