Unification News for May 2001

April, 6 - Omaha, Nebraska

A small group of faithful brothers and sisters in Omaha had been working hard, since the beginning of the tour, inviting guests to the "We Will Stand" event at the Omaha Marriott Hotel.

By the middle of March many felt stuck and didn't know where to turn next. All the efforts were given a big boost when, after the San Francisco event, a team of six eager helpers arrived to aid the Nebraska preparations. This team began a concentrated outreach to new churches, identifying about 40 where the pastor was interested in attending and bringing his congregation.

Each morning began and each evening ended with a prayer for the historical crusade. Following the morning prayers, a caravan of vehicles drove to the hotel and circled it with prayers and love. It was reminiscent of the wagon trains from long ago which would also form a circle for protection against the night. These wagon trains had brought the ancestors of so many of the people of Nebraska across the plains over a century ago to this sacred place of settlement.

Mrs. ___ and Mrs. Cho Fen Buczynski arrived from Colorado and worked to organize an interfaith choir as they had in Denver. In just a few days they were able to identify and confirm some of the best choirs in Omaha. Even ministers who were skeptical were completely won over when they heard Mrs. Lee's stirring rendition of My Tribute -- "everything I am and ever hope to be, I owe it all to thee. For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever". Those words, along with Mrs. Lee's angelic voice, deeply touched the hearts of those who listened.

On the day of the event, a racially mixed and excited crowd of over 450 people brought the ballroom to overflowing.

At a press conference preceding, Reverend Jenkins, Bishop Stallings and Reverend Wachtstetter were joined by three local pastors; Reverend Hill, Reverend Oliver and Reverend Kendrick, who did not hesitate to publicly stand up and support this great interfaith program for revival and renewal.

The program began with prayer. Immediately following there was a brief introduction of Mr. Eddie Staton of Mad Dads and his organization. Mad Dads is a national organization of fathers who are united to stop drugs and crime in the community based in Omaha. Even though the board of his organization had voted non-support of the event, he had simply told them, "Ok, if you don't support this event I will go and support the event on my own, representing myself !"

He expressed his gratitude to have been included as part of the program and God expressed His gratitude right back to Mr. Staton more than ten-fold. His name was also one of those chosen for the awarding of one of only a few gold watches at the end of the program.

The choir was scheduled to sing, but as some choir members were late they were asked to wait to perform later. Mrs. ___ jumped in and offered a song that powerfully moved the hearts of all in attendance.

On that foundation, Bishop Stallings then brought everyone to their feet with a rousing, spirit-filled introduction to the keynote preacher, Father Moon. The room was electrified.

"No matter how happy your married life is without children, in the eyes of God, it is not family," he stated.

Those in the crowd often laughed, clapped and sometimes shifted nervously in their seats during a sermon that focused on the ideals of family, particularly the first family and the fall from grace.

He pointed around the room, composed of whites, blacks and people of Asian descent. "God didn't make humans' skin color different. Look at polar bears, brown bears and black bears. We adapted to suit our environments."

"A father's responsibility for raising children begins and a mother's ends when a baby can crawl to its father and say 'Dada.' A woman's reproductive organs do not belong to her. Her hips and breasts belong to her children for birth and nurturing. Her 'love organ' belongs to her husband and it must be opened by a key."

The crowd applauded loudly when he condemned "allowing spare keys."

The 40th stop of the tour had brought revival, hope, and reconciliation in abundance.

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