Unification News for May 2001

April 10 - Fargo, North Dakota

God sent the calvary to Fargo in the form of the "We Will Stand" renew America program on a Tuesday evening. The 50-state, 52-day tour of the United States was initiated and designed to encourage people of all faiths to tear down the walls of race and denomination in order to find solutions for broken families.

Over 40 of the most dedicated Family Federation (FFWPU) international volunteers came out of nowhere to help bring this harvest of blessing to the Peace Garden State.

These stalwart few visited all the diverse local communities and were pleasantly surprised to discover many wonderful caucasian young people who were interested in attending the convocation. Most on this team were not native English speakers and won over people with their beautiful smiles and hearts.

It was truly the power of the Holy Spirit !

The audience was primarily white, warm, and melted by the deep and loving spirit of the program.

The vice mayor of Fargo and his beautiful wife acted as host and hostess for the evening.

The tour is co-sponsored by the interdenominational American Clergy Leadership Conference and two of its members kicked off the evening with simple yet powerful messages.

The Reverend Don Olson, an interim pastor at a Lutheran church near Miami, Florida praised the mission of the crusade and its leaders.

"I'm interested in a dialogue where clergy listen and aren't judgmental," he stated at a press conference prior to the main program. "Building the family is a core value that all people of faith can agree upon."

The Reverend Mark Wachtstetter, who preaches at an Assembly of God congregation in Indiana, agreed. "We can't solve societal problems unless we work on the spirit of people, but we need to work together. We need to look beyond denominational walls."

Father Sun Myung Moon was the featured preacher in the banquet-style gathering of approximately 400 people.

Mrs. Mayuri Hoffman sent a bus from South Dakota that included 12 Native American tribal leaders. They sat directly in front of Father Moon and received deeply much love and direct guidance for the duration of the sermon which lasted over two hours.

It appeared that they had come in very heavy-hearted.

They definitely left with smiles of joy and glimmers of hope on their faces.

Truly there was a healing that took place on some level at least, as they drank in the love and comfort given by God through his Word.

Speaking through his translator, Father Moon pointed to problems in families as the root of societal ills and encouraged married couples to pass on a lineage of true love. He warned that America has no future unless it addresses its immorality and supports God-centered families.

"Women are born for the sake of children and to live for their husbands. Men should sacrifice for their children and wives."

"Only when you have children can you build a family in the eyes of God," he stated.

He spoke for more than two hours to a diverse crowd that included self-identified members of the Church of Latter-day Saints, the Sudanese Christian Church, the Islamic community, and even a few Lutherans and Catholics.

In the end gifts were presented by the Native America leadership, and the State legislature of North Dakota. Dakota is the Sioux Indian word for "friend," it was noted.

A special gift was presented to Mrs. (Mother) Moon by the local Women's Federation for World Peace in commemoration of the couple's 41st wedding anniversary on April 10th.

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