Unification News for May 2001

April 2 - Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The Adams Mark Winston Plaza Hotel was the venue for the Winston-Salem "We Will Stand" tour's North Carolina stopover. One of the organizers of the rally for bridging gaps of politics and class and building God-centered families was Reverend Joseph Paige of Raleigh, a former president and dean of Shaw Divinity School.

"We hope to energize people. People of all colors —black, white, purple and green—ought to be brothers and sisters under God," he said to the local press.

"Father Moon has several strengths like he loves America and Martin Luther King, Jr. I love him for that. He hates racism. I love him for that."

Father Sun Myung Moon was the keynote speaker for the evening.

The Reverend Fermin Bocanegra of Iglesia Cristiana Wesleyana Church in Kernersville attended saying to the press in part, "Our families are disintegrating.

"The major religions and denominations, they've been fighting one another. The real enemy is the devil," he said.

"We need to look for things we have in common and work together on those things."

During a news conference immediately preceding the program, several supporters spoke in support of the tour and its noble goals.

"The time is up for Satan and we're waging war," stated Willie Muhammad, an area minister with the Nation of Islam.

Reverend Stanley Gravely of the Church of Faith, Hope and Love in Kernersville commented, "I see a message of love, a message of hope. I see a quest for world peace. If this is a cult, then I'm proud to be a part of the cult of love that stands for true unity."

Father Moon had many members of crowd of over 300 shouting words of agreement as he stressed the need for good families led by men and a rainbow family of mankind led by God.

"I have been labeled many things; one of them is brainwasher. I think I brainwashed you well enough in this short time period," he cajoled the attentive crowd.

He talked of a lesson he'd learned in his life of prayer and devotion. "Selfish and greedy people don't get up to a good place and humble servants achieve a much higher place in the spirit world."

He preached that serving God means strong families made up of marriage between one man and one woman who have a God-given duty to produce children. Such strong families, he noted, can end the social ills of homosexuality and drug abuse.

"I love women. Please don't get mad at me. It may be my age. But we have to get to fundamentals. God created women to bear and raise children. Why do you think God gave you such broad-cushion-like hips? For your own sake, to sit any place comfortably? No, for your children."

He also clearly stressed the family of mankind. "We have to tear down the boundaries among religions … so that we can build one grand family under God."

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