Unification News for May 2001

April 15 - Boise, Idaho

Boise, Idaho was blessed with a "We Will Stand" Easter Sunrise Service. Approximately 500 people gathered at the Grove Hotel for 47th stop of the interfaith and reconciliation crusade co-sponsored by the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU).

At 6:00AM there was already a line waiting for the doors to open. Once inside, those attending were found to include several state legislators, the Idaho Secretary of State, Pete Cenarrusa, and Mr. and Mrs. Walema, of the Shoshone-Bannock tribe.

The fact that most ministers were involved in their own Easter services made it a great sacrifice for those local clergy who did attend the event.

A simple breakfast was served at 7:00AM after the invocation by Mrs. Walema. The Sun Hak interfaith choir from Seattle entertained. This was followed by the reading of several national news articles on the tour.

Proclamations from the Governor of Idaho Dirk Kempthorne, Nampa Mayor Maxine Horn, and Caldwell Mayor Garret Nancolas, marking the day as "Stand Together America" Day were also read to those gathered for the holy celebration.

The Reverend Michael Jenkins, Family Federation president, noted in an interview that :

"When different sects come together, their message of the Gospel is magnified. "What we want to concentrate the message on is marriage, and the end of divorce and the end of adultery and the end of promiscuity."

The introduction to Father Moon was given by Gene Winchester, state senator of Idaho.

Father Moon spoke frankly through an interpreter about Adam and Eve and the concept of original sin. He repeatedly referred to misuse of the "love organ," in reference to adulterous behavior.

In sexual relationships, everyone must always think whether "God is sitting in between ... and watching whether it is a legitimate relationship or an illegitimate relationship," he noted.

Following his remarks and reading, flowers were presented and then passed on to the Walemas in a gesture of Christian love.

Plaques of recognition and support from Idaho legislators, Korean war veterans, and American Leadership Conference alumni were presented to Father and Mother Moon.

In turn, gold watches were presented to Mrs. Walema as a representative clergy woman and Reverend Tim Comey by Father and Mother Moon. Comey, the Idaho Family Federation leader suffered a stroke in November and attended the event in a wheel chair. Other watches were won as door prizes by Julie Robertson, Dan Hockley and Mary Lou Leonard.

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