Unification News for May 2001

March 14 - Denver, Colorado

The day of the "We Will Stand" event started out beautifully. However, just as the plane was landing, a big wind seemed to come up out of nowhere and the skies turned cloudy and dark over the Mile High City. There was some snow falling.

Instead of eating lunch upon arrival, Father Moon held a Hoon Dok Hae session (reading of God's Word) for three hours. He was preparing for battle.

The banquet hall was filled to overflowing with well over 1000 guests. Some people were turned away from the main hall and had to take a seat in the overflow room where a light buffet was prepared along with a closed circuit broadcast of the program.

An essay contest was organized around the theme of the event, "Stand Together America." Sixty young people from local church youth groups between the ages of 13-25 submitted essays on topics ranging from the unity among people of different backgrounds to the overcoming of past injustices.

The essays were displayed in the lobby of the hotel. Many people were inspired by the depth of insight from these young people.

Reverend Thomas Mayes a prominent Bishop in the Full Gospel fellowship gave the opening prayer.

Mrs. ___ and Mrs. Cho Fen Buczynski organized an interfaith, interracial choir of over 100 voices that deeply moved the crowd. Lutherans, Catholics, Hmong Baptists, and others had joined in with excitement of the "We Will Stand" interfaith theme and spirit.

Mrs. Lily Shen, director of the Asian culture center in Denver, had attended the local Denver Holy Blessing ceremony of marriage in February. She was deeply inspired by it and brought leaders of several Asian culture groups as well as her Chinese choral group to join the interfaith choir.

A group of dancers from Colorado College and a Native American drum team performed as well.

There were brief remarks by Dr. Richard Lindsay, a member of the LDS Council of 70 from Salt Lake City on the value of the family.

Dr. Billy McCormack of the Christian Coalition, Reverend Walter Fauntroy of Washington D.C., and Reverend Jesse Edwards of Philadelphia also gave welcome and praise for the spirit and power of the crusade.

Reverend Edwards proclaimed that Father Moon was the anointed of God. When he went out in the hall he was met by about 10 very negative and upset individuals. "Brother, you are a liar and a heretic. You're supporting a false prophet. You are supporting the anti-christ", one stated.

Reverend Edwards dealt with them simply and firmly, "Brother, I love you all. I believe in Jesus and that Jesus anointed Father Moon."

His sense of peace and love prevailed.

A brief biographical video preceded the appearance of Father Moon on the stage.

Father Moon captivated the audience with his humility and humor. He asked the audience to please forgive him on the basis of his age of 81 years if he were to speak for a long time or digress from the topic.

He could speak many nice words and make everyone happy and satisfied, but that is not what God would want him to do. He also stated that he could speak words which would make two thirds of the audience walk out.

It was his challenge to the audience

"If a husband and wife love each other dearly, but have no children, then their love has no future and they cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Everyone is a child of Satan."

Some people were offended and left the room. One man about halfway back in the hall suddenly shouted out, "Who is the Messiah?" Father Moon told him to go home and pray about it. His speech continued.

The vast majority stayed and heard the message to the end, grateful and deeply inspired.

Dr. Billy McCormack stood strong and ended the program joining in a reconciliation ceremony with the Nation of Islam leader Minster Gerald Muhammad.

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