Unification News for April 2001

UTS Expands Its Boundaries to New York City

by Dr. Kathy Winings

The Unification Theological Seminary expanded its boundaries to New York City last September when it accepted students for the new Extension campus at 4 West 43rd Street, in the heart of Manhattan. This new development in the life of UTS is the result of some new and vital partnerships with Christian clergy in the Metropolitan area. It is also a result of the generosity of the Founders of UTS, the Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon who announced a special ecumenical scholarship fund for students wishing to study at UTS. Now, one of the most affordable Masters Degree programs is accessible and convenient for those living and working the tri-state area.

Over the summer, several clergy and the administration and staff of UTS worked diligently to make the new Extension campus a reality. Rev. Levy Daugherty, Mrs. Anita Wells, and Mrs. Sayomi Kamimoto became a part of the team and begin the difficult work of recruiting new students and advertising this new venture in theological education. As the classrooms were remodeled at 43rd Street, UTS sponsored several dynamic Open Houses to advertise its program. The Extension campus also began to look for qualified clergy and professors who would complement UTSí already excellent faculty team.

One of the most exciting aspects of this endeavor was designing new courses that would be appropriate for clergy in urban metropolitan areas. This was a great opportunity to bring on courses that would be relevant to a large urban environment and that would also make use of the tremendous resources of the city Ė including successful and creative ministries. UTS also made the decision to complement its degree program with community outreach opportunities and special events such as a True Family Values workshop for pastors and lay leaders.

When our doors finally opened on September 18th, we welcomed 42 new students. Since that time, our student body has continued to grow and our contribution to the New York area has expanded. UTS has added such exciting courses as the History of the Black Church in the U.S., Christian Economics and Community Development, Fundamentals of Youth Ministry, and Family Therapy Concepts and Methods. We have a diverse and rich faculty which now includes clergy with profound experience in urban/community renewal, family counseling, and effective urban ministry. UTS looks forward to offering preaching clinics, youth ministry seminars, family counseling workshops, and vital youth programs for abstinence education and character development.

Classes at the new Extension Center are offered in the evenings each night of the week and on Saturdays. We are also hoping to offer courses over the summer break. I urge you to come visit our campus and feel the excitement and dynamism of UTS. We offer a Masters of Religious Education and a Masters of Divinity degree. God is calling you to be all that you can be and acquire the skills to do all that you can do for Godís great providential work.

Dr. Winings, is the Dean of the UTS Extension Center.

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