Unification News for April 2001

National Children’s and Youth Ministry Curriculum

by Dr. Kathy Winings

It seems like yesterday when we first formulated the national Sunday School and Youth Ministry curricula. The small committee of youth and adults who helped to write the curricula were intent on developing a strong beginning for an active and thriving ministry to children and teens. Since that time 6 years ago, not only is the curricula being used across the United States, but it has been distributed throughout Europe, Russia, Japan, Korea, Oceania, and parts of Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Through this program, we have been able to create a more stable ministry and faith development program for youth ages 5 through 18. That is truly exciting.

Just two years ago the Youth Ministry curriculum was expanded and enhanced. Now our religious education program for teens include not only special curricula for Junior High and High School-aged teens, but also the new Il Shim program. Initially developed by Rev. Hong and Brian Sabourin in New Jersey, the Il Shim program has been developed into a strong rites of passage program contained in a useful ministry manual.

Since the beginning of the National Curricula, our movement has expanded and more of True Parents’ teachings are available to our families. This means that it is time to revise, update, and expand our Children’s Ministry Curriculum. I am beginning the revising process which will also include more emphasis on developing a strong Children’s Ministry as well as new activities and materials that the children do at home with their parents and brothers and sisters. This is to help in the writing of a home-based faith development/family education program (which is my next series of curriculum materials).

This is where all of the Sunday School teachers can help. If you have a particular lesson that you have used and believe that it would be valuable to include in this expanded and updated Children’s Ministry curriculum, please make a copy of the lesson, lesson plan, and any activity sheet that you have developed and send it to me for inclusion in the revised curriculum. Also include the grade level of the lesson. You may send the lessons by regular mail to: Dr. Kathy Winings, 177 White Plains Road, 50F, Tarrytown, NY 10591 or by email to me at: IRFFint@aol.com.

I encourage you to look at the individual lessons that you have formulated and see if there isn’t one that is creative, energetic, provides a clear lesson on a Divine Principle topic or Father’s teaching, and most of all – is effective. Now is the time for us to take our Children’s and Youth Ministries to a new level of development and effectiveness. I look forward to receiving your lesson ideas and to working together with you for the sake of God’s young men and women.

Dr. Winings is President of Educare and Assistant Professor of Religious Education and Ministry at UTS.

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