Unification News for April 2001

March 26 - New Orleans, Louisiana

The levee was dry and welcoming as the plane landed at the New Orleans Million Air Lakefront Airport. A motorcycle police escort arranged by Louisiana State Representative (D-New Orleans), Reverend Leonard Lucas, Jr. was waiting to guide Father Moon and company to the Hotel Inter-Continental, New Orleans.

"We Will Stand" the national interfaith and reconciliation tour was ready again to roll.

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) members (many from Japan) had worked furiously to spread invitations all over the city.

Proclamations and greetings were presented from the New Orleans City Council, Louisiana Governor Mike Foster, congressman Jefferson, State Representative Leonard Lucas Jr. and State Senator Cleo Fields.

Twenty eight members of the legislative Black Caucus signed a resolution commemorating the day's event.

A Louisiana State flag from Governor Mike Foster along with a note of gratitude for the world peace initiatives of the keynote speaker were presented by State Representative Lucas.

The local representative for the Nation of Islam, Dewyer Muhammad, greeted the evening gathering on behalf of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan with dignity.

This was an evening to break down barriers between races and religions.

Reverend Lucas called it an effort "to bring the body of Christ together" as well.

With Mr. Peter Kim giving simultaneous translation, Father Moon explained to the audience that his study of the Bible convinced him that differences in skin color were merely superficial and that the human family is the engine that will reform the world with love. He also preached for true family values as the solution to many societal illnesses.

"Free sex, homosexual sex, go against the ideal of God's creation. Women who have the ability to have children and avoid having children deliberately are bound to hell."

His words were often cajoling as well as challenging and covered a wide range of interrelated topics focused on the family as the key to world peace.

Not the usual comfortable day at church.

"I don't think anyone has come here and given such a shocking or strange talk" he said.

In the end, Father and Mother Moon presented several ministers with gold watches in recognition of their service and sacrifice for the community.

After the event, Clopha Deshotel, an administrator at the University of Bridgeport, in Bridgeport, CT, and a member of the Family Federation stated in remarks to the media:

"The fact that the audience was largely African-American is evidence that racial reconciliation is still needed in New Orleans."

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