Unification News for April 2001

March 23 - Kansas City, Kansas

Rev. Esteban Galvin was fresh off of the victory of True Parents first appearance in the Bronx and Bishop Robinsonís church. He felt the spirit of Jesus and Heung Jin Nim guiding him. As soon as he arrived he felt that there was a church prepared. When he asked the Kansas leaders which church would be good they said that there were many good ministers but none with a church that would be proper for True Parents. Rev. Galvin felt led directly by Jesus and Heung Jin Nim. He said in 24 hours, I will find a church. He went out driving around looking for the church! He just looked at the church buildings. He found a beautiful, brand new, large church called Christís Church of the Jesus Hour. He found the pastor who had heard a lot about Rev. Moon and yet never attended anything. He was so righteous however. He felt that God wanted Father Moon to speak in his church. He agreed. It is a beautiful, brand new facility that is right across the street from the old church. It has brand new, carpet, pews, pulpit area. The waiting room for True Parents still had the smell of new carpet. It was almost as if this new church building was made just for this event.

How amazing it is to walk with God. Rev. Lee, Rev. Yujiri, Rev. Flynn and Rev. Kim joined to make victory. I was so moved, when I saw so many New York members that sacrificed their families, jobs, income everything to bring victory for our True Parents. Joan was there from New York, Julie Okamoto and especially all the Bronx members. Rev. Galvan has shown great leadership as he is fulfilling the two-pillar foundation for our future: Church Growth (in Sunday Service Family Church membership and also in full time youth membership.)

He has been most successful in Christian minister outreach. His philosophy is vital. "I believe that if we have good unity with our Regional Leader and genuine love with our members" We can achieve all of Fatherís direction. His Christian minister foundation stretched all the way from the Bronx to Kansas City, Kansas. Also, so many New York members joined in the mobilization with the Denver region. I also want to thank our legal department. Our national attorney, Mrs. Kaye Allen also went to Iowa and worked hard. Everyone is mobilizing.

Rev. Galvin and our state leader Rev. Mary Anglin made a heavenly tornado to prepare for our True Parents. Hundreds of ministers were contacted. Hundreds came. The church was full in a state that had been notoriously resistant to our True Parentsí message. However, the Kansas members really united together.

Rev. Russell Davis, the host Pastor is also 81 years old. He welcomed Father and said this is of the Lord. Jesus is bringing Rev. Moon here. Rev. Mark Wachtstetter, who, like Rev. Edwards, is a white minister who is confident that Father is anointed by Jesus. Spoke eloquently about how God is manifesting through the mission and ministry of Father Moon.

Rev. Michael Jenkins

The Christ's Church of the Jesus Hour was right on time. A brand new facility, it was as if this new church building had been made just for this historical interfaith crusade. The 51-day "We Will Stand" national tour encouraging people of all faiths to strengthen the family and tear down the walls of race and denomination was in the right place.

Hundreds of ministers were contacted by phone, fax, and footóhundreds came, bringing several of their congregants with them.

Area clergy were also invited to participate in a mass choir.

Father Sun Myung Moon, 81 years young, was the keynote speaker.

People followed along with the speech, interjecting "Amen" or "I hear You," clapping and laughing along with Father Moon throughout. It was a beautiful, relaxed, and happy atmosphere of spirit and truth.

Other speakers were the Reverend Stanley Wachtstetter, founder of the Apostolic Coalition, and the Reverend Michael Jenkins of the American Clergy Leadership Conference.

Reverend Mark Wachtstetter expressed confidence that Father Moon is indeed anointed by Jesus Christ and that he saw God manifesting through the mission and ministry of Father Moon.

Reverend Russell Davis, the host pastor, also 81 years old, welcomed Father Moon saying, "This is of the Lord. Jesus is bringing Reverend Moon here."

For the two weeks prior to the event Pastor Davis promoted the program as a "great spiritual revival," and an "answer to the division between races and denominations" on his daily morning radio spot.

That "division" was evidenced starkly by the fact that many area black ministers had actually received hate mail from the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) warning them away from the event.

Pastor Davis was confident and righteous stating on the radio that he knew God was sending Father Moon to help heal this kind of pain.

Through teamwork, unity, and lots of prayer, a victory for God and the family of man was won.

New and lasting friendships were formed. Ministers and their congregations were reborn and revitalized.

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