Unification News for April 2001

March 20 - Wilmington, Delaware

At the Wyndham Wilmington Hotel, Wilmington, Delaware, the banquet room was filled to overflowing. It was another warm evening of fellowship for those assembled to welcome the interfaith "We Will Stand" national tour.

Father Sun Myung Moon was the keynote speaker.

The invocation was given by Reverend Dr. Jay Macklin followed by welcoming remarks by Reverend Michael Jenkins, president of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU).

Reverend Jesse Edwards of the Philadelphia Pentecostalists preached with fire briefly, testifying to the Holy Spirit work in the ministry of Father Moon.

Pastor Wilbert Russell, Reverend Lt. Todd Johnston (Salvation Army), Minister Robert Muhammed (Nation of Islam), and Reverend Terrance Griffin were recognized and each also spoke briefly.

Dinner was enjoyed with musical deserts performed by the Sussex Community Gospel Mass Choir led by Mr. Robert Brown and the Glorious Full Gospel Mass Tabernacle and Youth Choir. The Spirit and True Fellowship Praise Team were the whipped cream.

Reverend Purnell Spicer of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) was the evening's master of ceremonies.

Father Sun Myung Moon began his remarks after the brief biographical video and a thunderous ovation. Mr. Peter Kim provided simultaneous translation.

"Who does God like most -- Blacks, Asians, or Whites? Have you thought that God's face has three colors? God decides to have a universal face. What kind of person will God love? God's love is true love, so God will love a person of true love. God's love is a unique, unchanging, and eternal love."

"Harmony. I would like to have a harmonious and symbiotic relationship with the audience, but with harmony there must also be order."

"I am 81 years old. How many ministers are at least 81?", he asked at one point.

Three ministers raised their hands.

"Who is the oldest being in the world? God is. God is the Grandfather of all grandfathers, the Father of all fathers, and the Elder Brother of all elder brothers.

"Can anyone say, 'I know God because I met God'? What part of God do you love? I have spoken with God. You may not reject that. I know the tradition of God in the spirit world. People labeled me with all kinds of crazy ideas—brainwasher, family breaker, etc. But at 81, I am stronger than ever because God has been with me and my work every step of the way. "

"The three most precious things are life, love, and lineage. Which is the most precious? It is complicated. When we see a tree grow but it suddenly stops growing and even begins to die, we have to trim it. Life and love cannot multiply the tree in such a way that it will be able to bear fruit. What does it take in human life? Lineage, blood lineage. Without having secured your blood lineage, you cannot have a heavenly family. Grandparents, parents, and brothers and sisters -- we need three generations. It takes lineage to form your family."

"Do we still have Jesus' lineage or the lineage of his twelve disciples on earth today?" No. No true lineage was established ... Adam and Eve committed the fall before they established the true lineage. Their children had nothing to do with God ... When you look at the result of the fall, God could not have his own children, grandchildren, and family. But Satan did. Therefore, God has been a God of grief and lamentation."

"If we understand God, you have to absolutely protect your purity. As a pastor, don't you want to teach your children this way? In the Garden of Eden, they could not resist. Everything was lost. No lineage, love, or life connected God with Adam and Eve. "

"From Luke 17, we know 'whoever seeks to gain their life will lose it...'

"Would you still like to believe that a physical fruit caused the fall? Jesus said, 'You must be reborn.' But how can you go into your mother's womb again? Humanity's only choice is to go through the messiah as true parents grafting to the true olive tree.

"For this purpose Reverend Moon started giving the Holy Blessing Ceremony over forty years ago."

"We should all become true parents ourselves with true children, creating a true family. Otherwise, we cannot go into the Kingdom of Heaven."

"If we ever discriminated in the past, we have to repent. Who else can say these things? I must give the message from God. I did not come to save just white people -- I came to save Christianity."

After his extensive impromptu remarks, Father Moon read from the prepared speech, "The Path for America and Humanity in the New Millennium," again simultaneously translated by Mr. Peter Kim.

Bishop Eric Figueroa then read another of Father Moon's sermons with vigor and grace.

Flowers were presented and the Eastwick United Methodist Mass Choir and Praise Team and the Gospel Temple Baptist Church Choir performed in finale.

Reverend Michael Jenkins closed the evening with a few final remarks.

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