Unification News for April 2001

March 15 - Los Angeles , California

The City of Angels spread its wings proudly for a luscious banquet and revival meeting at the magnificent Westin Bonaventure Hotel. An enthusiastic crowd of 2600 gathered for the "We Will Stand" tour which is reaching all across this land in an effort for greater inter-religious cooperation, family values, and the ultimate accomplishment of world peace.

Prayer breakfasts by the local chapter of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) and the ACLC throughout the past year on a regular basis paved the way for this tremendous response.

Sponsored in part by the American Clergy Leadership Conferences (ACLC) Father Sun Myung Moon was the keynote speaker.

Reverend Kene Holiday was inspirational as the early program master of ceremonies. Reverend Holiday was a star of "Matlock" on television and is now a powerful preacher of the Gospel.

Reverend Jesse Edwards of the Philadelphia Pentacostalists spoke briefly with conviction, reaffirming the heavenly anointing of Father Moon and this movement for reconciliation, revival, and interfaith rapprochement.

Reverend Dr. Connie Crawford Bansa of Chicago set the pulpit and the banquet ablaze with her remarks as well.

"When Reverend Moon was called by God he must have asked God, just like Moses -- 'How am I, as a Korean man, going to evangelize America?'

"God then must have told Father Moon, 'As I was with Moses, so shall I be with you. Do not worry about what to say. Just Go! Go and proclaim my Word to America and my Word will do the rest. Just open your mouth and shout!'

"He shouted and he was spit upon, He shouted and he was put in prison. Oh Glory, Glory, as it was with Jesus, they called him a liar, a blasphemer, a prince of demons, they lied upon him, put and prison and nailed him to the cross. But my God has power. Reverend Moon was lied on, talked about, cheated, mistreated, beaten and imprisoned but Glory ..........Gloooooooorieeeeeeee ! My God has power. We will stand. We will stand!"

The Reverend Dr. Cecil Murray of the First African Methodist Episcopal (FAME)Church, the oldest black church in Los Angeles, introduced Father Moon with affection and respect. He is well-known in Los Angeles and throughout America as the minister who set up "peace headquarters" when riots broke out in South Central Los Angeles over 30 years ago.

FAME has grown from a congregation of just over 300 members in 1977, to over 17,000 under the leadership and guidance of Dr. Murray.

After an hour or so of inspired remarks, Father Moon read from the

prepared speech, "The Path for America and Humanity in the New Millennium," with simultaneous translation by Mr. Peter Kim.

The audience was mesmerized, educated, edified...and uplifted along with countless heavenly hosts.

Hallelujah! "Blessed are the peace-makers..."

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