Unification News for March 2001

World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO)

WANGO and the Center for the Global South (American University) convened sessions at the UN and the New York Hilton simultaneous with the Convocation of World Leaders.

Session 1: "Dialogue Among Civilizations: The Role of NGOs." Speakers included Dr. Wally N’Dow; Dr. Sulayman Nyang, Howard University; Dr. Nicholas Kittrie, Eleanor Roosevelt Institute for Justice and Peace; Clovis Maksoud, American University; Prof. Roger Millet, Webforce International; and Dr. J.J. Hurtak, Academy of Future Science. Prof. Albert G. Milbank, professor of international law at Princeton chaired the session.

Session 2: "Olympic Youth Leadership: The Bridge to the Future of Dialogue and Democracy." Mr. Richard Jordan was the moderator. Panelists included: Dr. David Randle, director of WHALE Center; Monica Willard, Pathways to Peace; Dr. Nikos Sioglou, Aristotelion of Italy; Eleni Siamatra, Aristotelion of Greece; and Prof. Ian Hall, Bloomsbury International Society.

Session 3: "Dialogue Among Civilizations: The Role of NGOs." Dr. Cheryl Lau, former Secretary of State, the State of Nevada was the moderator. Panelists included, Amb. Alioune Sene, Geneva; Under Kirdar, former senior advisor to UNDP administrator; Dr. Kathryn Williams, FKRW International; and Dr. Farouk Mawlawi, former chief, DPI/NGO Unit, UN Headquarters.

Session 4: "Democracy, Development and World Peace: Can We Achieve a Workable 21st Century." Panelists included: Mr. Rodney Henderon, director of humanitarian relations, International Space Sciences Organization; D. Funmi Olonisakin, office of the social representative of the secretary general for children in armed conflict; Prof. Hans Peer Duerr, former director, Max Plack Institute of Physics; and Dr. Jean Krasnow, executive director, Academic Council for the UN, Yale University.

Session 5: "Information Technology at the Service of Human Development and World Peace." Mr. Jerry Glenn, executive director, American Council for the United Nations University was the moderator. Speakers included: Joe Firmage, CEO, Project Voyager; Hans Peter Duerr, Max Planck Institute of Physics; and Dr. Shalini Venturelli, associate professor of communication policy, American University.

Session 6: "Towards a New Global Compact for Africa? New Ideas, New Concepts." Amb. Mustapha Tlili, senior fellow, World Policy Institute, New York was the moderator. Panelists included, Ruth Engo, African Action on AIDS; Prof. Ian Hall, Bloomsbury International Society; and Prof. Solo Dowuona-Hammond, New York University.

Session 7: "Science and Spirituality in the New Age: Conflict or Convergence?" The panelists included, D. J.J. Hutak, Academy of Future Science; Gloria Firmage, National Space Sciences Organization; and Audrey Kitagawa, advisor to the special representative of the secretary general on children and armed conflict.

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