Unification News for March 2001

The Significance of WCSF

by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak

An excerpt from a report given Sunday February 11, 2001 at the Korean National HQ

True Father has been preparing for this World Culture Sports Festival and blessing his whole life. Interreligious International Federation for World Peace was founded for teaching God's words universally. The existing governments cannot solve the global problems by themselves.

The new tradition of International Hoon Dok Seminar started. 200 to 300 religious and political leaders attended. We can now realize peace of human beings and reconciliation between religions.

The mission of the UN to realize peace has changed as time went by. There was an ideological antagonism between theism and atheism and the threat of nuclear war had to be addressed. Then, globalization time came, and the informational revolution occurred. There was much opposition to circumstances such as poverty and women's liberation.

Finally there is the clash between cultures. This clash is far more violent than that of politics. In this way the mission of the UN has changed.

TM gave a speech in the UN in 1996, and a full-scale leadership started at Assembly 2000 in August 2000. At that time TP gave a keynote address. Mr. Heath, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the former Presidents of Costa Rica, Africa, and so on attended the meeting.

After that the UN assembly was held in October. The UN is slow to work, and needs complicated preparation before acting. When we held WANGO meeting, many NGOs attended.

We have already completed the education of leaders of more than 190 nations. We can contribute to the creation of peace and new culture by the method which the UN cannot do. The guests of the UN blessing consisted of Prime Ministers and Presidents, the leaders of Mongolia and the Marshall Islands, etc. People from 191 nations gathered and did Hoon Dok Hae.

The President of Kenya paid his respects to True Father. The leaders of Nigeria and Estonia attended. Many incumbent presidents attended the meeting being accompanied by their followers, and signed the blessing application. There were 650 attendees this time. This meeting was named "World Peace Blessing," not the usual meeting. The theme was "Dialogue and Harmony of Cultures." It is difficult to make harmony between cultures, so dialogue is necessary. It is possible only for True Parents to attain this. The blessing ceremony was also held as the practice of dialogue and harmony of cultures.

Ethnic costumes are the symbol of the cultures. 210 couples attended the UN blessing. We emphasized that man and woman build the ideal family paying attention not to be criticized by the secular world. Congratulatory speech was changed to the keynote address of the incumbent president to make the blessing an event of World Peace. True Parents were proud of the coronation ceremony of God's Kingship in front of many Prime Ministers. We also have to be proud of it wherever we go. Who liberates God? Who is full of pain? 4 Saints attended the ceremony in the spiritual world, and in the physical world 4 representatives bowed to God and True Parents unconditionally.

The UN blessing was held on 1/27, that is the 14th day after the coronation ceremony of God's Kingship on 1/13. 12 religious representatives attended the UN blessing. Religion represents past, political leaders represents present, and 210 couples represent future. The representatives of past, present and future gathered in one place. The representatives of 191 nations would attend the UN blessing, but due to visa problems they came from 136 nations. The representatives of Islam, Christianity and Buddhism gave a speech. In their speech they expressed how much Rev. Moon surprised them. The age of the realm of 4th Adam opened.

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