Unification News for March 2001

Every Day God

By David and Tacco Hose

Paperback, 178 pp. $14.95

reviewed by Michael Inglis

In Every Day God, David and Tacco Hose share with us the God they have come to know, a wise and caring parent. This book was born in the crucible of pain that they felt after Tacco was accidentally shot and paralyzed. That pain has cut through the slough and confusion, that pain has opened a door to the soul. They invite us to come in.

In the first chapter, Being Your Honest Self with Me, they share that honesty is needed as the foundation stone to a life of spirituality. Without honesty there are only slogans, and God is tired of slogans, tired of fear, tired of humanity's deep sleep. The book develops with a discourse on awakening from the long sleep and the importance of spiritual appetite. We need to want our daily bread.

There is a discourse on the role of religion. It may be partially blind, but it has got us to where we are today. The book then moves onto the waters of the individual heart. The need to move beyond an age of group identity, religious or national, into an age of individual being. In this new age God is calling all of us to have a one on one. Calling each of us to a higher level of consciousness. What is this new consciousness? It is a heart to heart, day by day relationship with the divine. In the chapters Downstairs, Upstairs, A Richer Vein and A Farewell to the Messenger David and Tacco speak of God's way to develop this relationship.

Love is truly that way. In I Am Here there is simply love which flows from the heart of God and is always within each of us. All is inseparable, all is within us at the very center of ourself, the center of our spirit.

Yet the world is poor in spirit, there is pain everywhere. In the conclusion of the book David and Tacco lead us to know that God would heal if He could. But there is a breakdown, and the breakdown is in the human heart. The human heart is the conduit of the infinite divine heart. Our hearts are the expression of the divine heart. Until we as a people have connected with the divine, the divine will always be blocked. This is the parental challenge of communication.

Rich and varied, the teachings in Every Day God, lead us to the divine source. Well worth reading and then well worth picking up now and again for fresh inspiration.

Every Day God by David and Tacco Hose is available in paperback for $14.95 from: HSA Publications, 4 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036 212 997-0050 x 250 or www.hsabooks.com

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