Unification News for March 2001

Rev. Moon's 50 City Tour - February 28 - Chicago, Illinois

" We Will Stand" spread its strong embracing arms to the "City of Broad Shoulders" reaching the Life Center Church of God in Christ of Pastor T.L. Barrett on Chicago's South Side.

It was a cool Wednesday evening.

The "We Will Stand Tour" was developed by Father Sun Myung Moon and other clergy members who wanted to "tear down the walls of racial and denominational divides." After October's Million Family March, sponsored by Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan, the interfaith group formed the American Clergy Leadership Conference and planned this national tour.

Starting Sunday in New York City, this was the fourth stop on the road of an amazing interfaith and revival crusade reaching out across the height and depth of America.

The pews were packed to the rafters with over 2,000 people in attendance.

Folding chairs lined the aisles and even the vestibule accommodated the standing room only crowd while more filled the basement fellowship hall and dining room.

Some outside in overcoats, despite the freezing Chicago winds, stood for awhile to at least peer through the glass windows and catch a glimpse or feel of this historic event.

Yellow school buses lined the streets outside the church for blocks.

Pastor T.L. Barrett welcomed everyone with grace and humor.

Pastor Howard Randolph in a statement to the assembled shared :

"As believers in the word of Christ, we must do all we can to rectify sin and misinformation that has spread in today's world. We must practice a color blind mentality when judging our fellow man. The family is the building block for all that is good. "

Lillie Muhammad, chairwoman of the Council of Mothers, Nation of Islam, in remarks to the congregants said in part :

"The people of the world are indeed looking for guidance as the inevitable consequences of sin leave both men and nations in a state of despair. It is our duty as Christ-conscious citizens to awaken fallen humanity from the nightmare of violence, murder and war, all of which resulted from Adam and Eve's refusal to practice the science of marriage. "

The True Family Values Missionary Choir and the Voices of St. Mark Choir both gave musical performances that astounded the crowd.

A ten minute video presentation "We Will Stand" led into Father Sun Myung Moon's speech.

Father Moon spoke for an hour and a half.

His extemporaneous remarks were translated by Mr. Peter Kim.

It was like a "family night" and an entirely natural feeling permeated the atmosphere.

The audience responded enthusiastically.

"Who is the master of America?" Father Moon asked.

"It is neither white Americans or black Americans. The true master of America is the person who loves America as God does."

At one point, as Father Moon spoke regarding relationships between men and women, one young couple stood transfixed listening. The young woman tried to pull her boyfriend to leave, but he shook her off.

Father Moon then read from the prepared text, urging his listeners to make sure that they listened to the second speech as well because many points were very important.

Award plaques and gold watches from Christian Bernard Jewelers of Paris were awarded to three Chicago community leaders in recognition of their service to the community by Father and Mother Moon.

Flowers were presented and the chill over Chicago had all but disappeared.

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