Unification News for March 2001

Rev. Moon's 50 City Tour - Salt Lake City, UTMarch 10

The beautiful setting of Salt Lake City was the fourteenth stop of the "We Will Stand" non-stop express tour for family values and revival across America. It was a banquet-style event with around 600 people in attendance.

Entertainment was provided by the 40-person strong, Mountain West Chorale; The Goodman Family, a well-known Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints family of singers who gave a multi-media singing presentation; and the talented ___, wife of the local Regional Director for the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU). The Goodmans are the pride of Utah and the LDS church as they have performed throughout the world with audiences that have included Pope John Paul II and the Queen of England.

As is well known, Salt Lake City is the center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons)and there was much anticipation and even anxiety over the coming of "God 's prophet." "Why is Rev. Moon coming to preach to us?" was a reported behind the scenes' comment of at least one Mormon leader or two.

All this apprehension was to be laid aside as Father and Mother Moon came and brought their unique expression of love and respect for one of the world 's great faiths as well as all faiths.

The opening prayer was given by Rev. Dr. David Randle, who works as president and executive director of the United Church of Christ Wellness Health and Lifestyle Education Center.

Two wonderful nationally known guest speakers, Dr. John Covey, Director of the Home and Family Division of the Utah based Franklin Covey Company and brother / partner of Steven Covey of " 7 Habits" fame ; and Dr. Robert Woodson, Sr., President of the National Center for Neighborhood Enterprises and author of "The Triumphs of Joseph", preceded the keynote address.

Mr. Jon Covey, presented an excellent talk of "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families". He also recognized Father and Mother Moon for their effective work in the Family movement.

Dr. Robert Woodson gave a very stirring speech and brought the audience together. He compared Father Moon to Joseph who, although he was imprisoned by his brothers and sold into slavery, came out as the leader of Egypt and the savior of his family. Father Moon has also been imprisoned falsely and yet has used his suffering to deepen his experience with God and to become a truly great world religious leader.

Following their presentations, Senator Howard Stephenson, gave a most affectionate introduction to the keynote speaker. Senator Stephenson testified at how he had attended an American Leadership Conference (sponsored and founded by Father Moon) and was truly inspired. The Salt Lake City Tribune quoted him as saying that "As the LDS members go to General Conference once a year for inspiration and strengthening of faith", he felt that the "American Leadership Conference was like a General Conference for political leaders."

He was also quoted in the papers as saying, "In the LDS faith we have the Articles of Faith. Rev. Moon epitomizes someone who has lived the 13th Article of Faith, which states that one must be Honest, and True and Holy." He added, "In fact although Rev. Moon is not a member of the LDS religion he embodies this 13th Article so well that I would call him a real Latter Day Saint."

Father Sun Myung Moon received a standing ovation as he entered the room. He had the audience laughing and applauding as he began his remarks, and at one point commented that he felt very comfortable with everyone, although his message might make many uncomfortable. Father Moon spoke for over a half hour off-the-cuff in his introductory remarks, receiving much applause and attentive audience response.

A prepared text "The Path for American and Humanity in the New Millennium" being carried throughout the tour was then read with simultaneous translation by Mr. Peter Kim.

A dear "young" friend from bygone days, Dr. Cleon Skousen, 92, sat appreciatively in the audience and was recognized.

Finally, Father Moon received a special VIP invitation to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Radio Broadcast as well a guided tour of the hallowed main Temple. Unfortunately he was not able to attend at this time as "he had to be about His Father's business" and was gone in a flash, headed west to Oregon.

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