Unification News for March 2001

RYS Upcoming Projects:

The 12th As Friends Project (Asian Friendship and Service Project) will take place in Sri Lanka on April 16-21 in Sri Lanka. This project will have a village level service project but will also work to promote and contribute to providing an environment for dialogue and friendship among the various ethnic and culture peoples of the island nation.

The project site will be in the Gampaha District which is 20km. (12 miles) away from Colombo and RYS and IRFF will work with staff and volunteers from the Sarvodaya movement. The work involves building of an extension to a preschool in a village of poor low-caste people and renovation work of a Buddhist temple which includes cleaning and painting in the same premises.

RYS Sri Lanka expects 40-50 youth participants from home and abroad for this project. It is expected to visit a few religious places of importance and an unique place of Sri Lankan ancient traditions during the project.

Last years project in Sri Lanka was completed with the cooperation of the Lions Club and the IRFF. At that time participants constructed a one room school and created a school playground for village children.

The project fee is $ 100. This will cover your room and board and program expenses. For those in developing nations the fee will be greatly discounted.

The 2nd Regional Alumni Service Leadership Training session will be held from 21-23 April in a beautiful site for about 20 selected participants.

Alumni training fee will be US $ 50 per person.

For on site information please contact Mr. Ravi Galhena at: For an application please contact the RYS headquarters at: jygehring@aol.com

This Summer we have two major projects that will involve volunteers.

On June 16-29 the 8th Friendship America’s Project will take place in Guatemala with the support of RYS volunteers. Volunteers will be spending a substantial part of their time helping with the construction and restoration of two medical clinics in the rural area. The orientation will take place in Guatemala City.

The Guatemala project will be open to both English and Spanish speaking participants. Travel needs to be covered by participants. A fee of $ 350 is asked but scholarships are available for those in developing nations.

Last year a team of eighty volunteers from fourteen nations helped with widening a local room and constructing the beginnings of a school for newly settled migrants.

From Aug 9-22 the 5th Africa Rising Project will take place in Kenya where RYS and the International Relief Friendship Foundation (IRFF) will help construct a new medical clinic.

In both projects their will be programs of cultural and educational exchange as well as great opportunities to have experiences with the local community.

The cost of this project is $ 350 which includes room, board and local programs. All participants are expected to cover their own air fare. On all projects, when informed, we will meet participants when they arrive an take them to the orientation.

To understand more clearly about the purpose of these projects please review the RYS Goals and Vision found at the RYS website. (www.rys.net)

Those candidates who would like to participate can receive an application form the RYS office at jygehring@aol.com.

IRFF and the RYS will sponsor the service and education project under the theme:

Culture of Peace 2001: Youth, Volunteers and Environment

The year 2001 has been designated the "Year of the Volunteer" by the United Nations. The IRFF is promoting an international service project with the cooperation with RYS and the Mayor of Vlone, Albania. Forty international volunteers will join in a project that will include an environmental element and a strong public service aspect.

The work aspect of the program will be a combination of tree planting and landscaping and improving a public playground in the City of Vlone.

The project will be near the Southern Coast of Albania and have participants from various faiths including; Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Unification.

We are welcoming potential participants to apply.

For more information and applications please contact RYS or the IRFF email address at: <Irff.Trombin@village.uunet.lu>

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