Unification News for March 2001

Youth Federation for World Peace

Inauguration of Hyun Jin Nim as International President of YFWP

The inauguration took place on February 25, 2001 at the Belvedere International Training Center, Tarrytown, New York. Translation was by Rev. Peter Kim; unofficial notes by Dr. Tyler Hendricks.

Mr. McDevitt gave the opening prayer. He introduced the YFWP Board of Directors, Chairman Mr. Dong Moon Joo, Mr. Peter Gogan, and himself. He then introduced the Executive Council, including Rev. Bong Tae Kim (President of YFWP in Korea), President Katsumi Otsuka, President of FFWPU Japan, President Ichino Unamori, President of YFWP Japan. He introduced Rev. Jung Og Yu, President of Unification Church in Japan, and then Youth Federation for World Peace leaders President Kyung Kee Sa of Europe, Mr. Chi Song Shin of Uruguay (President of the Victoria Plaza Hotel), and the Continental Director of Oceania, Rev. Yong Cho Song.

Next came remarks by Mr. Dong Moon Joo, President of The Washington Times Foundation:

"I would like to offer a brief report on the YFWP activities worldwide.

"YFWP was founded in 1994, and the second world conference was in 1996, with keynote address by George Bush, Sr., as well as Edward Heath and Jerry Falwell. In 1997, our Founder made our purpose clear: to establish youth as initiators of change and as creators of true families, nations and world. "

After Mr. Jooís 10-15 minute speech, Mr. Jin Man Kwak gave an introduction to Hyun Jin Nim :

"Born on April 10, 1969, lunar calendar, in Korea, Hyun Jin Nim arrived in America at age 5 with the True Family. He graduated from Columbia University in 1995, with high honors, and completed the two-year Harvard Business School MBA in one and a half years. Was blessed in 1987 and has six children. He participated in the Seoul and Barcelona Olympics as part of the Korean Equestrian Team. He revived several debt-ridden companies that are now recognized as industry leaders.

"What drives him is his internal standard of loyalty to True Parents, because he witnessed how much True Parents sacrificed for humanity and invested to liberate God and humanity. So he as a son feels True Parentsí burden as his own and the pain in their heart as his own. So he wants to liberate the heart of True Parents and God, and the True Family and all of us. True Parents, recognizing his heart, appointed him as Vice-President of FFWPU in 1998, and President of World CARP in 1999, and International President of YFWP now, with the mandate to lead everyone under 40.

"He has the ability to see the main points in confused situations, and to inspire others. He has revived CARP and positioned it for great future growth. As he takes leadership of YFWP, I am sure he will align all our young people on the proper vertical and horizontal axis, and create the fatherland nation.

Hyun Jin Nim then spoke.

I offer gratitude to our True Parents. I can see a new revolution of heart and spirit of young people. I am grateful that I can stand here in front of our movement, God and True Parents, in taking leadership of YFWP and all youth of the world, setting a vision of hope and promise for the future.

The vision is expressed in a journey, based on Fatherís original vision. It should have started in 1945, if Father had been received. But he was not, and the wilderness course ensued, to restore 6,000 years of providence. We stand now on that foundation. We have entered the realm of the 4th Adam, the settlement age, with second-generation leadership.

This is our context. The inheritance and development tour emphasized the new age we are in, with a new mindset of hope, promise and vision. We have to leave behind the baggage of the restorational era. The first and second generation must unite. They should naturally extend Godís work through time. The anointment of the parents comes to the children. The mission of God does not end with one generation, but continues generation after generation. The generations create a combined vision.

Therefore, the origin of the Youth Federation for World Peace vision is in 1945. Through America at that time, Christianity elevated to a global power. We had to rebuild it. The settlement age represents the age that should have been in 1945, the age prepared to build the substantial kingdom on earth.

The sixties transformed the young people of the world, starting here in America, legitimating free sex, family breakdown, individualism, humanism and so forth. That generation originally had a genuine commitment to make a change for the better. But because the center was not set, the youth, who were born after 1945, who should have been Fatherís generation, were taken by Satan because the worldwide foundation of Christianity was lost, and they legitimated all the social ills we see today.

Now we must create a counter-cultural revolution, legitimating absolute sex, true families and service for others. You are the children of that generation of the 60s who created the great change. Your parents went to the streets and made a revolutionary change, but they went the wrong way and we have to deal with that legacy. It will be centered on the ideal culture of God and True Parents. Amen! (Amen!)

It will not come through institutionalized groups such as Youth Federation for World Peace and CARP, but through a combined effort of the unified youth who will take the message to every city, state and country.

As a son, the dream and vision I have is not my own. It was cultivated and nurtured through God and True Parents. It is in their name.

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