Unification News for March 2001

Rev. Moon's 50 City Tour - Philadelphia, PAŚMarch 2nd, 2001

Philadelphia was a great success. The pastor, Bishop R.T. Jones went to Korea in the mid eighties. He was lost for many years. When I walked into his office he said, "I know you guys! I was at the rock of tears in Korea!" There are literally thousands of ministers who are waiting for a blessed family to come to their church on a monthly basis and rekindle the old fire. Bishop Billings of the World Bishops Council contacted him for us. The Church is a beautiful church.

Lourdes Swartz did an excellent faith based workshop with former Mayor Wilson Goode. David Caprera was on hand. Rev. Hong, Rev. Geller, Rev. Pobanz and Rev. Izumi had a great contingent of high level ministers. Father was totally welcomed. Bishop Eric Figueroa (who led the 2000 voice choir with Dr. Angela Moses at MSG) was on hand. Also, Dr. Moses brought her Grammy Award winning choir called New Life Tabernacle Choir and set the church on fire. Bishop Figueroa gave a rousing inspirational message and Rev. Jesse Edwards testified without hesitation that Father is the anointed leader that God has sent to unify all Christianity.

Rev. Edwards attended the lunch with Father and Mother in Florida and Father shared deep insights about Jesus and Christianity. When Rev. Edwards said I agree, Father was so deeply relieved. He was very gently sharing some of the most difficult things to understand. When Rev. Edwards affirmed it Father said, "Because of the Christian leaders with me on this tour I'm feeling significant hope for America. If you had been with me like this 30 years ago America would not have declined."

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