Unification News for March 2001

Rev. Moon's 50 City Tour - Portland, ORóMarch 11

"We Will Stand", the tour, swept into Portland, Oregon and the Doubletree Hotel, Jantzen Beach overlooking the majestic Columbia River with the power of the Holy Spirit.

"Never had this many ministers of different races and denominations gathered in one place in harmony," was the comment of a TV news reporter after the event. The banquet hall was bursting at the seams.

Reverend Williams of the A.M.E. Church in Portland gave the invocation.

A humble Jesuit priest, Father Ohno gave a beautiful reading noting the tradition in the Jesuit seminary of having readings during the meal. When he read the Beatitudes the room was completely still.

"Blessed are the poor in spirit... blessed are the peacemakers.. blessed are those who are persecuted for my name's sake..."

During the meal there were also performances from the Unity Choir of the Cornerstone Community(Church of God in Christ) and Kids of the Kingdom, a youth dance group. A beautiful solo expressive worship dance was also performed prior to the keynote address.

There was such a wonderful mix of people in this "upper" room -- white, black, red, and yellow. So many different denominations and faiths were represented as well -- Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, Assembly of God, Church of God in Christ, Baptist, Methodist, Muslim, Buddhist, to name a few. Some participants were sent to the restaurant for the meal because of the overflow, yet still the feeling was like one big family.

Reverend Leroy York gave a few remarks prior to the introduction to the main speaker for the evening.

Bishop Robinson, the Anglican Bishop gave a warm introduction to Father Moon which included praise for his unique teaching on lineage.

Father Sun Myung Moon then presented the keynote address, "The Path for America and Humanity in the New Millennium" from a prepared text with Mr. Peter Kim giving fast-paced, simultaneous translation.

Even some people who were in the hotel for a different purpose heard talk of "God" and came into listen and observe.

The presentations after the speeches to Father and Mother Moon were quite original. A group of Native Americans gave them a 150 year old tomahawk, beautifully framed. The Korean War veterans presented a framed picture of the veterans' memorial that Mother Moon had supported at the time of her tour two years ago.

Gold watches were presented to Bishop Walter Scott and Bishop W.G. Hardy who had attended International Conferences of the Clergy(ICC)in the years past, sponsored by Father Moon. The watches were given for their exemplary service to God and Humanity. Both have children in the ministry so the watches(and torch)will passed on.

Bishop Hardy was wounded as a soldier in the Korean war and can never forget how he was saved by three Korean women. They dragged his unconscious body into their house and put a mat over him. When the Chinese kicked in the door, they sat on him pealing onions. His encounter with Father and Mother Moon has deep meaning to him.

Gayokla, a Native American who had spoken at the Million Family March, orchestrated a beautiful bridge ceremony with white brothers and sisters in the audience. The Korean War veterans moved by the spirit of reconciliation, forgiveness, and love then also came on stage. It was truly amazing. They crossed over, hugged and walked down the steps hand in hand. Many of the Native Americans were dressed traditionally so it had an awesome, serious, and shocking feel to it.

This intimate and truly wonderful ecumenical, revival meeting ended with a great gospel group that had everyone on their feet.

No one wanted to go "home" even though the program was somewhat lengthy.

óRegional report

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