Unification News for March 2001

Rev. Moon's 50 City Tour - Minneapolis, MN—March 8

The beautiful New Salem Missionary Baptist Church was filled to capacity with close to 1000 people as Father Moon and company brought the spirit and message of the "We Will Stand" tour to Minneapolis.

The event opened with the New Salem Baptist Church Choir.

Reverend Ford, an American Clergy Leadership Conference( ACLC) founding member gave the invocation.

Reverend Dr. Jerry McAfee, the host minister welcomed everyone proclaiming that "We welcome Father and Mother Moon and are honored to have them with us. We are Christians and we must come together and stay together." Rev. McAfee had never met either Father or Mother Moon.

Archbishop George Augustus Stallings of the Imani Temple in Washington, D.C. gave a stirring sermon to pave the way for the keynote address.

"I may be a Catholic but I am also a Baptist because I baptize, I'm a Church of God in Christ Minister because I am with the church of God that is in Christ Jesus, I'm Lutheran because I love Martin Luther. I am a member of the body of Christ.

"Father Moon is the anointed prophet that God has sent us to come together. God has raised up this mighty warrior to lead us to the Kingdom Of God.

"Some have called Father Moon a cult leader, and I say to them, they said the same thing about Jesus.

"Some have said that he is a false prophet and I say to them this prophet gets a triple A rating from the clergy that know him. He is triple A; Anointed, Appointed and Approved by God."

A brief video introduction followed his remarks.

As it concluded and images of Dr. Joseph Paige shedding tears at the de-militarized zone which still separates North and South Korea, along with several pastors releasing doves there, began fading from the screen; at that very moment the Korean War Veterans of Minnesota Chapter #1 Honor Guard Procession hoisting the American flag, the Minnesota State Flag, and a Korean War Veteran banner led Father Moon and the host pastors to the front sanctuary of the church.

The congregation and visiting clergy all rose to their feet as this glorious procession entered. It was a powerful vision of pride and solemnity stirring all patriotic hearts.

Mr. Bob Pellow of the Minnesota Korean War Veterans played taps as those gathered closed their eyes in memory of fallen warriors(both Korean and American) who had died in Korea.

Father Moon then came to the podium. The atmosphere was electric. Suddenly, at 9:00 pm with about 20 minutes more to go, the lights went out. For 30 seconds there was panic. The microphones were out. You couldn't see anything. A transformer had blown plunging the whole neighborhood into darkness.

At first there was silence and then a young girl's scream. Some of the audience fled into the night. There was confusion and even despair until an usher shone his flashlight upon the stage.

Father Moon was heard to say, "Please don't leave". Bishop Stallings also went out into the audience saying "Be at peace, God is in control."

As more flashlights surfaced and candles were lit, the stage was bright in the warm glow of candlelight. Large candelabras were placed behind the podium by Reverend McAfee.

Father Moon continued to read his message, injecting comments now and again as the remaining crowd moved up closer.

Shouting praises to God and His Word, many people stayed. It was truly moving. Some, moved by it all, began to cry. Nothing could stop the preacher or the message.

At the end many cheered for Father Moon...and themselves.

Rev. Harold White stated it well, saying, "We stood for what is right. We will stand with Father and Mother Moon. Through the midnight of darkness, God has brought Father and Mother Moon as a light to guide our way toward the Kingdom of God."

—Regional report

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