Unification News for March 2001

Rev. Moon's 50 City Tour - Miami, FL— March 3rd

The Florida family should be greatly appreciated. With just over 30 FFWPU families a 2000 seat church was filled. Tom Iverson, a great Patriot and his wife Edy totally supported the event. David their son was with True Parents when Tom made the transition. We are so proud of these great Americans. Tom held on in Florida until Father and Mother had safely arrived at the church. Just at 7:00 pm when Father arrived Tom could finally conclude his battle victoriously. We are seeing a new American patriot emerge. Tom, the blessed families, the Christian leaders both white and black are forming a new Nation.

The Rev. Arthur Jackson pastors Antioch Baptist Church. A new 2000 seat cathedral was just completed. It was absolutely of the highest quality and totally modern. The mega-churches are joining us. It just a week ago that Rev. Jackson was under severe attack. However through a conference call with Rev. Barrett, Bishop Billings, Bishop Stallings and others he gained great strength. Also, when he read the words of Father on Jesus it sealed the battle for him. He knew he was on the side of right.

The Florida event was wonderful. The Lutherans, Rev. Beato and Rev. Olson gave introductions to the ACLC and why they see Rev. Moon as the central figure bringing all of the people together. Then Rev. Jesse Edwards again brought a great moving of the spirit. Rev. James Bush who was also a Florida State Representative gave the invocation. Awards were given to outstanding citizens; Sgt. Matthew Locke who has been working with Lily Kato on PLA was awarded for teaching in public schools.

Speaking Hands, a group of deaf children, did an awesome praise dance with their hands. (about 30 young people). Rev. Filus, and a group of young boys who were taken from the streets and now live as Christians, performed "Tear Down The Walls." The faith based action combined with the vertical line of faith through the word and worship experience is really starting to take shape. During the video, Rev. Jackson (who is probably in his 30's) leaned over to me and said I want to join this, count me in.

Father gave an incredible delivery of the word of God. His message to the Clergy: "You have to die for your congregation and for other clergy. Are you willing to die even for your enemy? That is the most difficult thing." He told the clergy that they must realize how serious their position is. Many do not live for anything beyond their church and denomination. That's why they can't change society.

Father also emphasized the reality of the spiritual world. Without knowing the spiritual world, a minister can't possibly succeed in his mission. He called on the ministers to follow Father and become "Prophets". We must speak the truth - no to adultery and free sex. No to racism, no to denominational division. Father said there are no Baptists in heaven or Presbyterians as a group. There are only those who live according to Jesus teaching. Love Your Enemy. He taught that John 3:16 is the most central pillar of the Bible. "For God so loved the WORLD that he gave his only Begotten Son."

He asked if anyone was willing to sacrifice their son for the sake of the World. If you aren't, then you can't move God's heart. Just as with the Chicago December 16th meeting with the Christian leaders, the ministers got more inspired the more Father brought out the harshest teachings of the Bible. One minister said to me afterward that all of his life as a minister he read and knew about those teachings but never, in 40 years had he heard someone preach it. He was so grateful to Father. He feels now that he must take up the cross and save the family and the nation.

Many of the key 120 ministers sat on the pulpit area behind Father causing him to turn around and hit them on the head and talk to them over and over again. Father touched Rev. Jackson's cheek and said do you believe what I say. Rev. Jackson, who has only known us for a few weeks, smiled and said yes.

Father brought a total revival. Father is really praising the black community saying their time has come. They will take the central leadership role in America as long as they live straight before God. Minister Rasul Muhammad, Regional Minister of the Nation of Islam said "Amen." He also spoke earlier saying, "This is the movement of all God's people. We are grateful for Father and Mother Moon. This is the Million Family Movement. We are going to establish a new America with all races living together as one family. " Pastor T.L. Barrett Jr. closed out the meeting with reading Father's second message and calling on all to join the ACLC and move America.

Later that night, we had a very casual dinner with Father. Rev. Barrett is one of Father's sons and totally joined in as his Christian son. Father told Rev. Barrett to travel throughout America to build this united patriotic movement. Rev. Barrett was so moved and grateful to Father. He talked about how many of the 3500 leaders that came to Chicago are talking about Father's words, especially about concave and convex. With that report, Father shared deeply about the meaning of the marriage of Adam and Eve and how Jesus was to marry. Rev. Barrett said, "Even as a little boy I always wondered why Jesus didn't have a family". God has truly prepared the ministers for such a time as this.

Thanks to Rev. Dae Hee Hong. 30 families brought a great victory in Miami. Rev. Gary Chidester, Rev. Gunter Freystatter, Lily Kato and all community leaders including Publio Delarosa gave great joy to God.

—Michael Jenkins

The 95 voice choir immediately erupted into a joyous chorus of praise as the clock struck 6:00 p.m. Saturday, March 3,2001 at the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of Carol City. Crowds had begun to enter when the doors opened at 5:30, filling the main sanctuary. Many who were milling around outside, and more crowding the entryway chatted excitedly, and began to surge forward to their seats. Under bright blue skies and 90 degree temperatures, hundreds had driven here by car, vans and buses from throughout the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area, from West Palm Beach, from Tampa, Orlando and even Jacksonville, Florida 6 hours away. 180 ministers and pastors in colorful robes and garbs signifying religious orders filed into the first three rows, representing over 30 denominations and faiths. Although mainly African-American initially, gradually white faces and even yellow faces appeared among those who filled this famous Dade County Church who had seen many well known national dignitaries of African American culture speak. But tonight, there was an even more incredible event, the pastors of South Florida had invited the Rev. Sun Myung Moon to bring the "We Will Stand" 50-state speaking tour to the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church.

After Rev. Michael Jenkins preached from Ephesians and gave an introduction of the American Clergy Leadership Conference's purpose for the "We Will Stand" tour, he turned over the microphone to Minister Rasul Muhammad, leader of the Nation of Islam of Florida and Latin America. Being from a third-generation Baptist preaching tradition, he immediately resounded the walls with his exhortation of change needed in America with its drug culture, family breakdown, racism and moral disintegration in general. But he gave a message of hope, of messianic hope, in the person of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. And this was followed by Lutheran Pastors Rev. Don Olson and Rev. Dr. Leo Beato, both testifying to the need for rebuilding the family, restoring the community and renewing the nation, all under the guidance of Father Moon. Professor (and Reverend) Elaine Kyle from Florida Community College spoke of her healing and life change through the words of Rev. Moon and his teaching, the Divine Principle. Amazingly enough, all kept their comments within the three minute limit. It was short and sweet, yet brought the congregation to heartfelt applause, even bringing them to their feet at times.

Pastor Arthur Jackson III said he happily offered his church for this crusade. Although attacked by many ministers by phone, letter and email (with hundreds of internet attachments), he stood strong. Tall and handsome, he has stood with many notable contemporaries of the African American Community but was struck with such warmth and conviction from this experience. He said his church was founded and built in order to accomplish what was happening today: racial harmony, rebuilding the families, and uniting the Family of God.

Proclamations were given from 9 cities, including Miami's mayor and Dade County's mayor. Governor Jeb Bush had sent a proclamation for all citizens of Florida to recognize this day for this event.

The energy never lagged as Rev. Jesse Edwards took to the podium. As a white Pentecostal, his words rang true with this audience of believers of all races, eliciting shouts of "Amen!" and Preach on Brother!" "The Holy Spirit is in the Room!" Rev Edwards exclaimed. The choir burst into hymn, and all take to their feet once more! It is now time for the video presentation , right on schedule.

The spirit is just right as Father and Mother enter the sanctuary from their waiting room behind the altar. Everyone is on their feet, clapping and shouting. Father wandered extensively from the text, drawing spontaneous shouts of "Amen!", cries and laughter from throughout the masses. From elderly deacons to young newlyweds, faces were changing from rapt in awe, to grins, to serious looks of commitments and concerns. It lasted over two hours, a Father sharing with his sons and daughters. He really did not want to go. He called as many as possible to come to the altar to get photos taken. When he had to go, there was a definite feeling of sadness and longing.

Rev. T.L. Barrett, Jr. rose to the occasion to read Hoon Dok Hae, Father Moon's words of "In Search of the Origin of the Universe." Afterwards there were lottery drawings for ministers to get watches, and congregants to win prizes. There was a thunderous finale with hugs and sharing, loud banter another hour into the night.

There were 180 ministers, with 250 total dignitaries and VIP's in the audience of 2500, a successful event by anyone's measure.

—Regional report

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