Unification News for January and February 2001

The Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God

Mary Jane Despres
January 13, 2001

After attending the 8th 21 Days Blessed Wives Workshop for Registration in Chung Pyung that began January 13th, I've recently returned to America. Here's an unofficial, hopefully accurate report about the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God on January 13, 2001

This was my first visit to Chung Pyung since the construction of the Cheongsung Wanglim Palace, which translates to "the Palace of the Heavenly Presence." True Father said at its dedication: "What is the name of this sacred place? It means the realization of Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven for the Fourth Adam."

Entering the Main Hall of this palace for the first time early in the morning of January 13th, I certainly felt like I was entering a heavenly, royal palace, as there were two beautiful pairs of thrones on the stage, and everyone gathering there was wearing holy robes. In front of us was a beautiful mural of outdoor scenery flanked at each end by an Oriental window with light shining through it and an ornate column. Featured on the mural were a red sun and white full moon illuminated by spotlight against a golden sky, steep dark green mountains and tall trees partially hidden by clouds, a towering waterfall and flowing streams, as well as several deer and cranes.

At the top of the stage area were two white thrones, prepared for Heavenly Father and Mother, called on this occasion "the Royal Parents of Heaven and Earth." Below these thrones were golden thrones, prepared for our True Parents. Below the golden thrones was a large offering table, covered with a white table cloth with gold trim upon which were placed many beautifully stacked foods on cake stands and in bowls. Inside the hall, there was a heavenly atmosphere that contrasted to the tightly packed, almost overwhelming multitude of brothers and sisters dressed in holy robes who were gathered outside the entrance to the Main Hall along what are usually spacious corridors. Surely everyone who arrived early in the morning was anxiously hoping to be able to fit into the Main Hall where the singular event of God's Coronation, to be held only once ever in history, would take place.

As I came into the hall around 6:00 am, brothers were cleaning and adjusting the stage area and the offering. Someone then called certain elders to the front of the gathering, including Hoon Mo Nim, Dr. Neil Salonen, Rev. Phillip Schanker, and Rev. Jacques Marion.

At 6:25 am, 42 people whom I imagined were selected elders entered the stage area. Twenty-one of them stood on the left side, facing the stage. Among these was Mr. Zin Moon Kim. Twenty-one others stood on the right side, facing the stage. Among these was Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak.

At 6:27 am, forty-eight men and women (called "ushers" by our translator), all of whom were wearing long, deep pink vest-like garments over their holy robes, processed in two lines on either side of the center aisle and seemed to stand in attendance along the front end of the aisle and along the sides of the offering table. Yet, after just a minute or so, they recessed to the back of the hall, as if this had been a practice of the procession that was to take place during the forthcoming ceremony.

Next, a brother stood in front of the offering table and prayed silently what I imagined to be a prayer to offer the preparations and offering to Heavenly Father.

At 6:50 am, a brother placed what appeared to be black cushions on each of the white thrones of Heavenly Father. The ushers then officially processed from the rear of the hall to their positions at both sides of the center aisle in the front of the hall, beginning the ceremony.

Next, Hoon Sook Nim, the wife of Heung Jin Nim, together with Yun Ah Nim, the wife of Hyo Jin Nim, who were positioned in the continuing procession in front of our True Parents, started to carry beautiful silver-colored crowns to God's thrones. To my surprise, True Father directed them to wait a moment. True Parents were wearing golden crowns with circular-shaped metallic decorations that sparkled as they moved. True Father's crown had two strands of jewels, which swung back and forth on either side of his head as he walked along. As True Parents arrived about two thirds of the way from the rear of the hall up to the stage, they stopped and True Father offered a prayer to Heavenly Father—a beautiful, joyful prayer. Here's an excerpt:

"Through this, the liberated True Parents centered on the True Parent of Heaven and Earth [God] and the liberated True Children on earth became one in mind and body. And, by indemnifying and liberating the Will --Your wish -- which is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal as the dominant character of true love, as True Parents are attending You, we would like to offer You the ceremony of joy in which You can be crowned in the original standard. With a joyful heart, please forget about past sinful human history and stand on the victorious foundation of liberation."

After True Father's prayer, Hoon Sook Nim and Yun Ah Nim proceeded to the white thrones of Heavenly Father and Mother and placed the silver-colored crowns on each of the black cushion-like supports. Then, they carried two beautiful robes and carefully, with dignity, placed them just in front of the crowns. The robes were of fine white fabric with red and gold Oriental trim.

Meanwhile, True Parents were still standing in the aisle. At about 7:30 am, True Father prayed again, preciously offering Heavenly Father dominion. This was the second of True Father's prayers. Here is an excerpt:

"Heavenly Father, You can now be settled in peace and exercise Your authority not only in the position of the Master having dominion over the creation, but also based on the standard of kingship, transcending the spirit world and physical world, and the past three ages. You can stand in a free and autonomous position, based of the foundation of going beyond the level of all of the things that You wanted to fulfill in Adam's family, according to the original ideal of creation, at the point where heaven and earth become one."

After this prayer, our True Parents come to the stage area and bowed to Heavenly Father. True Mother's right leg appeared to be in pain, as if she had recently been doing extensive bowing conditions. Then True Father sits down upon his throne, and True Mother bowed to him, using one hand to assure that her crown would not accidentally come off her head while bowing. Then she was seated in her throne.

Next, Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak addressed the gathering, saying: "This is the Holy Coronation of God's Kingship. True Father had to officiate. This ceremony could be offered to liberate God. We are unworthy, as sinners, to be here. Only by True Parents’ love could we be here. We must pledge to resemble the Cosmic True Parents, honor God, who has regained His original position and True Parents who have officiated."

A Series of Heartistic Kyung Baes

Rev. Kwak asked that True Father's four children in the Spirit World and all the True Children present might now come and offer a drink and kyung bae to Heavenly Father. True Children, represented by Hoon Sook Nim and Yun Ah Nim did so. True Parents sipped a drink. Then about eight other True Children who were present for this ceremony came and did the same.

On behalf of the Old Testament Age and of the New Testament Ages, Rev. and Mrs. Bo Hi Kyung and Dr. and Mrs. Bo Hi Pak offered kyung baes.

Couples representing several listed Blessing Groups come forward and offered kyung baes.

Next, representatives of Korea, Japan and the United States offered kyung baes.

Then, six (of the eight) Continental Directors offered kyung baes on behalf of their Continental regions.

Four people representing four major world religions, including Christianity, Confucianism, Islam, and Buddhism, offered kyung baes.

Next, three brothers representing the National Messiahs offered kyung baes.

Then, four men who are relatives of True Parents offered kyung baes.

Next, three brothers representing the Abel Nations offered kyung baes.

Next, two brothers and one sister representing the Cain Nations offered kyung baes.

Then, three people representing the Spirit World offered kyung baes.

True Father then prayed with his hands outstretched. This is an excerpt from the third prayer:

"Centered on the [coming] sovereign nation of the True Parent in Heaven [God] and the True Parents on earth, through this opportunity, the True Parents wish and pray that the children, through the direct lineage as the royal family, attending God with everyone in the Spirit World in accordance with Your original ideal of creation, would bestow the same blessing upon the earthly blessed families through the triumphant condition of Kingship that is now established, thus bringing peace and prosperity to all humankind for eternity. Accordingly, with Your own authority and privilege as the One sitting on the throne of Kingship with the power to give blessings to all humankind, we earnestly, earnestly wish and pray that You would realize all of these [petitions] and Your promise as well."

Conclusion of the Coronation Ceremony

The MC announced:

"We have with us incumbent presidents of nations and gifts of plaques to our True Parents from the leaders of the Philippines and [three other named countries]. Gifts have also been presented on the occasion of the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God from the nations [where our Family is established], which are displayed here. I report this to our Cosmic True Parents."

Next, a Second Generation Couple offered bouquets of flowers to our True Parents.

Then, Reverend Kwak announced, "God will take the meal that has been prepared. The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Spirit World will be completed."

Our True Parents then ceremoniously cut a beautifully decorated cake as the gathering sang a song in honor of God's Kingship, sung to the tune of "Happy Birthday to You." Father is delightful as he made several attempts to blow out the second of the two candles on the top of the cake.

Three glorious cheers of Mansei and much applause concluded the opening ceremony.

After this, True Parents removed the crowns and new outer special robes which they had been wearing during the Coronation Ceremony.

Then True Father announced, "All of the people of this earth, all races together with True Parents, have made this Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God possible."

Next, True Father offered the True Children food to eat from the offering table. After this, True Father directed the leadership to divide the offering in order that it might be shared by various groups of members. Then, True Parents shared some food from the offering.

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