Unification News for December 2000

Testimonies and Reflections - Chicago ACLC, IIFWP and TFV Events, December 15th to 16th, 2000

Region 01 Washington DC

Deborah Taylor: Washington DC,

I was fortunate to attend both the inaugural meeting of the American Clergy Leadership Conference held May of this year in Korea and the recent event held in Chicago, Illinois, December 15th and 16th, 2000.

The May event was a 'mountain top' experience during which the ministers and staff alike witnessed spiritual highs, miracles and warm brother and sisterhood many times over.

Rev. Lee, Rev. Lykes and myself traveled to Chicago along with twelve ministers and bishops from the Washington Region. The first hurdle we had had to overcome was assuring some of the ministers of safe weather in Chicago.

Surprisingly, the weather was quite mild for both days, however, it paled in comparison to the warm welcome we received from the Chicago Staff. I was very curious to see what would happen during this December event. It was sure to be interesting, as the 120 chosen ministers would receive their promised 'special gift' watch from Father Moon. However, my curiosity was guarded as I thought to myself, hey! this is a BIG responsibility. Do they really understand it?

I was thrilled to find that during the time from May to December, many of the ministers, had "grown up." They seemed much more understanding of their responsibility and The Watch.

A couple of the ministers from Washington, DC, came to me at different times, assuring me over and over again that, "You can count on me." Their words had a much deeper ring of truth and seriousness, than ever before. Of course, only time will tell what the 120 will do. But, I have a feeling deep in my gut that together with the assistance and push of spirit world, along with the 'watchful' eye of their special gift, a New Breed of Disciples ó True Disciples have been born.

I hope, we (Internal Blessed Couples) can keep them, (The 120) in our prayers and try to support them as much as possible. We also had four ministers with us, who were considered 120 candidates. This means ministers who did not attend the initial event in May in Korea, but desire to join the group. These are all ministers of high standing who have supported True Parents for a long time.

Honestly, I was struggling when the decision was made from the top to talk about and to present the watch while these candidate ministers were watching. There was an announcement that the candidate ministers were welcome to stay and watch the presentation or they were free to go to dinner.

Boy! My heart was churning. Then suddenly, I realized, it is good for them to go through this. Everything cannot be easy. Especially, becoming a cherished disciple of the Lord of the Second Advent. My struggle and my pity went away.

Amazingly, when the change took place in me, two of the ministers with me began to change almost immediately. Instead of feeling sorry for themselves, they began to realize why they did not deserve the watch. Thinking back on this part of the conference, I am almost sure, it was a test of God, to find the True 120 Candidates who could fill the empty spots. I was proud of both Dr. George Marshall and Bishop Steaven Harris, as they explained to me honestly, "I wanted a watch, but I understand why I can't have one."

And I was also proud of myself, for I think had I continued to struggle, it would have been much harder for them. We all grew up a little bit more on December 15th, 2000!

Finally, I would like to briefly share what I witnessed on December 16th when our Glorious Parents spoke to the ministers. The ministers around me were listening intently even though some of Father's content did not settle too easily.

Sometimes, I could almost read their faces. What! What does he mean even priests shall enter into marriage! What! How dare he say if we want to go to Heaven we have to connect to Him! At times the only thing that could quell their turmoil was to doze off into a deep sleep, only to be awakened by the spirit world and Yukemi Lemont and myself yelling Amen! At the tops of our lungs.

Despite their bouts of temporary anguish, in the end, they seemed no different than any of us, as they struggled to get up to the front as close as they could, hoping to be near Their Father and Mother, The True Parents of Heaven and Earth.

Bishop Willie Davis, Jr.: Christ Rescue Temple Apostolic Church Winston-Salem, North Carolina

I attended the American Clergy Conference that was held 12/15 & 16 in Chicago, Illinois. I thoroughly enjoyed the conference; the knowledge that I received was very gratifying. I appreciate the opportunity to have been selected to attend this conference.

I congratulate The Reverend Moon on the celebration of his 80th Birthday. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless him as he continues to bless humanity.

The watches that were presented to the attendees of the Korean Conference were beautiful gifts from Rev. Moon. It would have been a great honor to have been a recipient.

Rev. Dr. Fred O. Ogunfiditimi: International Hose of Prayer for All People, Inc (Church).

This Conference had been an exceptionally rewarding conference in so many areas: 1 Trip - The trip to Chicago was very enjoyable and well coordinated by the people in charge, despite the very short time of planning.

Hotel - Hotel arrangement: Hilton Garden - Everything was well set and all schedules were well met and maintained.

2 Chicago Marriott: The conference started in time and not on time. Session 1 -- This was one of the most rewarding session particularly the welcoming address given by Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak. He mentioned how Father Moon specifically proposed the establishment of a world religious council of authentic religious leaders. The religious leaders that would serve as the "conscience" of humanity.

This simply states, Quality leaders, Selfless leaders, Very devoted leaders, Radical leaders who are ready to transform the present societal ridiculousness to glory.

The "Moonlike" leaders who will like to live their lives for the betterment of others. The "Christ like" leaders who will be ready to lay down their lives for the salvation of others, etc.

The keynote speech of Dr. Taylor - This keynote stormed the assembly and stabbed all authentic clergies awake to vowing within themselves to do something that will effect a World Family of Peace.

The highest peace for any human being is the domestic peace, which is the main source of World Peace. Objective for which we are seeking in his statement he reminded us that we are all the same blood.

Father Moon equally spoke like another Jesus of the present day. His speech will serve as blessings for those who make the best use of it and as a curse for those who make a disuse of it.

The Award, The Gold Watches signify: .Purity, Honor, Dignity, Joy and Peace. The 33 Diamond Stars signify the years of the Lord Jesus Christ on earth who brought all the above to this world.

For Father Moon to have presented this to us, therefore, simply tells us to be his ambassadors to spread the good tidings to the world. If this wonderful spirit is instilled in us we will all use it to bring peace in ourselves, our families, our communities, our societies, our churches, our mosques, our states, our countries, our continents, and finally our world in general, where there will be nothing but peace!

Region 04, Boston MA

Rev. Jerome T. Edgerton: Rush Memorial AME Church Cambridge, MA.

"Is this not the same Rev. Moon I heard and read about in the early 80's as anti-Christ? A brainwasher? A destroyer of families? Now I know how evil the media is. His message is simple and clear -- we can build a good and vibrant society, nation and world beginning from the family with God as the core. What a beautiful concept!"

Rev. Harold Kenneth Dutille: First Baptist Church, Richmond, ME

"I have never attended any conference with such diverse background of people -- clergy from different denominations, different religions, political leaders, academicians etc. The spirit and the family atmosphere surrounding these events demand all of us to take responsibility and let the spirit be felt in our churches, communities, the nation and the world."

Rev. Bismarck Bamfo: State Leader Boston, MA

Rev. Dutille was overwhelmed and kept on talking about the good works of Father Moon. Rev. Dutille is a person who could not deal with other denominations. However, through his association with our movement, those walls Have been destroyed. Furthermore, his sermon for Dec. 17 was based on the need to strengthen and discipline the body through religion.

Pastor Edgerton was so inspired about the entire event, especially IIFWP (HDH) sessions and Father's speech at the banquet. He also prepared his sermon based on the importance of the family in the realization of world peace. He is therefore preparing to participate in January 2001 Blessing with his wife.

Any minister, whatever his or her status, would have a second thought after attending such a program. Unification Movement is really a movement of peace, and we are working toward that goal. I hope videotapes of those programs would be edited and sent to all states and all nations as a tool for witnessing to ministers. We have to let people know what True Parents are doing.

Region 5, Columbus, Ohio.

Dr. Joseph J. Russell, Psychologist/Teacher, Columbus, Ohio

This conference, "Renewing the Family and Building a Culture of Peace," has triggered a renewed curiosity for further examination of strategies to world peace. It provided a biblical framework for revisiting the traditional role of family as a major contributory to responsible parenting and "public-minded love." Research shows that a spirit centered, value oriented family give structure and meaning to family life and help connect parents to children in profound ways that secular influences cannot match. In this sense, the conference provided a kind of biblical history of the meaning of marriage and the role of man and woman.

In another sense, the conference connected with another kind of experience, the broadening of family to include an international brotherhood. The acceptance of our international family member based on a high moral standard of mutual trust. Thus, starting with the concept of family and ending with Godís principle of "Living for the sake of others."

I am indebted to the conference sponsors and the Rev. Moon for this revisiting experience. Insights gathered from this conference provided me with strong support and stimulation to examine Unification concepts and values more closely with a view toward family growth as a means to world peace.

Bishop Wilson Jemison: Pastor of the "Church of the Living God" Columbus, Ohio

Personally I am moved by the investments made to organize this conference and the expensive watch that I received. I am afraid to wear this expensive watch and I am looking for a box to keep it safe.

The conference was great, the speakers were great and especially the speech given by Rev. Moon was great, but it was very long and I was sleepy at some point. But I definitely enjoyed his words. I enjoyed the everything, the testimonies and especially the video presentation. As one of the "120," I was moved by the video and I still believe that our trip to Korea made an impact to everything, because we prayed sincerely and came together in one accord. And that togetherness is the foundation for everything.

Thanks to Rev. Moon and the organization

Rev. Dr. John Mwamba: Vice-Regional Director, Columbus, Ohio.

My impression of the Chicago trip is that I am moved by the fact that in both conferences ACLC/IIFWP, the readings and comments from participants were made based on True Fatherís words alone. For me that is fundamental to see the participants not only embracing Fatherís vision but expressing it and substantiating it from their own life experience. That itself is the key. True Father himself read his own speech. To me, we should not invent the wheel, but deliver Fatherís words at any occasion to people because there are source of life.

True Father felt an urgency that day to proclaim his messianic mission as True Parents of humankind as we enter the new millennium, the time of appearance of the Lord of the Second Advent, the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings. I regained confidence and courage to proclaim the messianic age. True Father was very direct in delivering his message to public. And our participants from Region 5 were impressed by the energy and spiritual power that True Fatherís words affected positively the audience and challenged them in many ways.

This is definitely the beginning of the "Millennial Kingdom of God" on the planet earth. It is amazing to see ministers, ambassadors, scholars and politicians "praising" True Father for his vision, ideas and accomplishments. They are all testifying to the public as John the Baptist. I feel the time has come for us now to build upon this strong foundation that True Father has established. And itís because of the strong foundation and the confidence that True Father feels free to proclaim and declare many things in public.

Region 8, Chicago IL

Rev. Thomas Jackson: New Original COGIC, President South shore Ministerial Association, Vice President Assembly of God International Church Of God In Christ Chicago IL

It was very good, very impressive, a very good speech. Father Moon spoke about the same things I am speaking to my congregation. I loved his speech. Iíd like to hear more. I enjoyed Rev. Moon's speech. I was closely listening to Rev. Moon's speech. I hugged Rev. Moon and He said that I was so big, and I told him yes. Does the mind control the body or does the body control the mind? I never thought about that point. Rev. Moon's speech made me think about many points, about grace and mercy and about conscience. Also i realized that if you don't have a good husband or wife then you are not completely happy. Father Moon's speech made a perfect sense.

Rev. Tom Jackson: National Vice President of the Church of God in Christ National Governing Board under Bishop Patterson:

"Rev. Moons words were exactly what I've been teaching my congregation. I am deeply inspired. His words are what America needs."

Pastor T. L. Barrett Jr.: National Co-Convenor of the American Clergy Leadership Conference:

"Father Moon's words are the State of the World Address. This should be broadcast to every nation."

Rev. Harold White: Dean of the National Baptist Convention Ministers

"I'm just overflowing with joy. My members absolutely loved it. This was the greatest feeling of warmth that I ever had. Even more than the Blessing 2000 experience in Korea. My members are so excited. They didn't want to leave. I was deeply moved by Father Moon. The Holy Spirit is moving. I was overwhelmed with the presence of Jesus and the Holy Spirit during Rev. Moon's speech. "

Dr. Harrison Bolton: Superintendent of the Church of God In Christ,

"My members were deeply moved by the Holy Spirit. Father Moon speaks the truth. We will join together to save America."

Dr. Maxine Walker: Publisher of the Spiritual Perspective Magazine:,

"I absolutely love Father and Mother Moon. This is changing history. I'm so deeply honored to be part of this family. Rev. Jordan is very happy with the work of the Lord."

Rev. Leroy Elliot: Pastor New Greater St. John Missionary Baptist Church,

National Board. Member, National Baptist Convention:,

"Jesus had to have John the Baptist. I'm Father Moon's John the Baptist. I will prepare the cities for his speaking tour where-ever I have a strong base." Rev. Elliot is one of the top Christian evangelists of the National Baptist Convention.

Mr. Eddie L. McCann, Jr: Director of Intergovernmental / Public Affairs for Coalition of Religious Leaders In Illinois Chicago IL

I so enjoyed Rev. Moons speech. I was closely listening to Rev. Moonís speech. I hugged Rev. Moon. And he said that I was so big, and I told him yes. Does the mind control the body or does the body control the mind? I never thought about that point. Rev. Moonís speech made me think about many points, about grace and mercy and does your conscience make you think? That if you donít have a good husband or a good wife then you are not completely happy. Father Moon really made sense.

Bishop David Terry St. Markís: Church of Holiness Chicago IL

We canít just follow Jesus. We have to pay something, make some condition. I liked the strong message of Rev. Moon, everything was so true. In Luke 14:16 Jesus spoke about the man who invited many people to a banquet but many people didnít attend, this banquet was like that. "It was very good, very impressive, a very good speech. Father Moon spoke about the same things i am speaking to my congregation. I loved his speech. I'd like to hear more."

Mrs. Wrice: from St. Louis, Missouri

"It was fantastic! Almost like a miracle!."

Region 9. Minnesota

Reverend Walter L. Battle:

The entire conference was one of exceeding greatness. I say this because there were so many other Ministers and lay persons that I spoke with that shared the same concerns about America and believed that what Rev. Moon was doing was the solution to many of the crises that this nation is facing. There was a consensus on approach to the problems. There was consensus to the fact that the walls must come down.

The high momentum and the spirit of the event did not end in Chicago. On the way back to Minneapolis I was talking with reverend Charles Ford who is the Pastor of Berean Missionary Baptist church here in Minneapolis. He was One of the 120 ministers who did receive the Golden watch. On the plane we became so inspired that he asked if I would come to his church on Sunday morning. 12-17-00, to share and testify about our great experience. I said yes and I went there on Sunday.

He asked me to sit in the pulpit with him and to be his special guest. When it was time to introduce the visitors, he stood up and said "I have a very special friend that I want to introduce to you." He introduced me to his entire congregation as his friend. He said that he and I had traveled together to many conferences and are now working together to bring change to the community. Before he was to give the Sunday sermon, He said I want Rev. Battle to speak and to say what ever the spirit gives him to say. In other words I ended up giving the first Sermon. He then got up after I was done and gave another sermon.

The spirit fell into the house. There was tears and praying. One woman testifies that on the night before her son called her and said that he was tired of living the life he was living. He told his mother that he wanted to be married. He did not want to live unmarried any more. He said he wanted a family. The whole church began to pray and give thanks to God. They new that this woman had been praying a long time for her son and his situation. The spirit filled the place. God is good.

Rev. Jim Gavin: National Executive Committee:

American Clergy Leadership Conference: "When we drove back from the speech the ministers could not stop talking all of the way. Rev. Eugene Wright of New Life Baptist Church and Rev. Charles Ford of Berean Baptist Church both reflected that Father Moon's words are of great importance for the Christian Church. What he said was absolutely true.

The Christian leaders must live according to the word. There are serious problems in the church community -- infidelity, homosexuality and many other problems that must be cleaned up. They were also moved that the Bishop of the Church of God In Christ sent his personal greetings and that the Coalition of Religious leaders, including Roman Catholic Cardinal George sent their proclamation of support.

Rev. Jim Bard, VRD:

The occasion of the December 15-16 ACLC and IIFWP conferences was truly auspicious. I was very impressed to see prominent Black leaders like Dr. T.L. Barrett, Hon. Danny Davis and Dr. Hycel Taylor speaking on the same platform and in one accord with prominent white leaders such as Dr. Dan Perkins, Dr. Billy McCormack and Jesse Edwards. Moreover they were not only united with each other they were shouting the praise of our True Parents and the leaders of the Family Federation.

Rev. John Tranberg told me it would be very difficult for him to make this conference since he was closing on a new house Friday the 15th. But after reading Rev. Daughertyís words, "If you cannot make this sacrifice, then that is the sign that this mission is not your calling," and hearing from me that Rev. Moon would be speaking on Saturday he said his conscience told him he had to make it no matter what. Then on Friday night his plane was canceled due to bad weather so he took a flight the next morning at 7am but was delayed on that flight one hour because of a snow storm! He finally made it and was able to attend almost all the sessions on Saturday. He, like all the other ministers, was very supportive of Father's message and of his courage to state his beliefs without hesitation to anyone. As Rev. Jesse Griffin said "Rev. Moon is his own man."

Nadia Metawah Chong told me she spoke with Rev. Jesse Edwards who asked her to invite him to come to St. Paul because he went to school there and would like to speak about the activities of the ACLC and UFC. Rev. Ford was inspired to invite Walter Battle to preach with him at his church on Sunday. The Spirit of God is active in Minnesota. Thanks be to God and our True Parents!

Region 10, Dallas TX

John Jackson: Vice Regional Director, Dallas Region

We all had a very wonderful experience in Chicago. It was incredible. From the early morning I had received phone calls about the weather from two of our ministers. The were so worried that they would get stuck in Chicago because of the pending weather I really felt that this was a test for them so when they spoke to me I simply said that I was staying. Do what you feel is best. They decided that they would leave at 1 PM. They had even talked Rev. Blaire in to going with them.

We were having lunch with True Parents and I was talking to one minister Rev. Jim Slater a new best friend. I told him that when the prophet of God comes that those who receive him also receive Gods Blessing but for those that do not receive him Gods Blessings pass the by. I just finished saying this to Rev. Slater when Rev. Blaire walks over to me and sits down. He turns to me and said God has spoken to me and he said that I shouldn't leave this place. So I'm not going. We made eye contact and he said the spirit of the lord just spoke to me and told me not to leave. So I don't care If nothing else happens I staying right were I am. I looked at Rev. Slater with eye brows raised and said Good!

The other two ministers were walking out. I started to cry for them I could see so plainly that as they were leaving the room that their blessing was being left behind. Rev. Blaire asked me what was wrong. I KNEW we were supposed to make an offering to True Parents but I had nothing to give. I wanted to give True Parent the whole world and I told them both how I was feeling. rev. Blaire said you mentioned that you wanted to something to Father for our region. I said yea but I didn't Bring my check book or anything for that matter. He said if God wants you to he would prepare something.

We all just sat there listening to Father speak then Rev. Jenkins motioned towards us I thought me who then Rev. Jenkins mouthed the words Rev. Blaire I told him he wants you go on! I looked at Rev. Slater I said see look at this! Then he got up and said I'm going to take his picture. Then Rev. Jenkins asked Rev. Slater to join Rev Blaire. Now they were asking me to come to take the pictures.

When they came forward to present the gift to True Parents they were holding this beautiful globe made of stone it was so wonderful to see these two men of God Offering The Messiah the whole world. Every thing was so perfect!

Rev. Wendell Blaire:

Thank you so much for the opportunity to meet Father Moon. I wanted to greet him and Mother Moon at the dinner but the security would not let me. Some of us thought that we would leave at 1pm to catch an earlier flight because of the snow storm that was on its way. But the Spirit of God told me to "Stay right were you are. Do not leave this place no matter what" I was just a short time later that you called me up front to present that the gift to Father & Mother Moon.

Rev. Jackson was so inspired that he kept saying If you receive the man of God you'll always receive the blessing. Not only did I get my picture with Father Moon but I was able to offer him the whole world. I was even able to hug him. What a blessing it was to be there. Tell Father Moon Merry Christmas & happy New year for me. God bless all of you at the family Federation.

Region 11, Denver CO

Rev. Steven Williams: (Testimony, as told by Rev. Peggy Yujiri, VRD)

This is the first event he has attended. He is a white United Methodist minister, 39 years old, with a sizable church. He was very inspired by the events in Chicago. He agreed with True Father's ideas and was inspired about the Blessing. He told Rev. Ngalame that he would like to attend the Blessing himself. He also reported that about 15 years ago he had a dream about establishing an interreligious movement, but he could never find anything like his dream. This conference reminded him of his dream, so he felt that he is supposed to work with us.

Region 12, Seattle WA

Rev. Gerhard Wiesinger, VRD:

After the banquet, I had an opportunity to meet and talk with Dr. Billy McCormack. I was impressed with his ability to listen to God and obey God's direction. Although his wife is ill and there were many other matters he needed to take care of, he felt that God wanted him to attend the meeting in Chicago. Therefore, this is what he had to do. His wife must be of a similar spirit. Although she is ill, she asked her husband to go to Chicago.

Dr. McCormack said it would have been a tremendous loss had he not listened to God. Dr. McCormack said that he wants to devote the rest of his life to this new mission (being a co-chair of IIFWP). To see an elderly minister with such clarity and obedience to God's direction was a great inspiration to me.

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