Unification News for December 2000

The Start

Mardi Esselstyn

What about the end of time?
And what about the start?
How do we learn we have the dregs?
How do we find the very best part?

The book of knowledge, the book of nonsense
Are side by side on the library shelf.
I find myself indulging in these,
Im a very inquisitive elf!

The times I start to finish
The things I have begun
Are lessons on the way to
The winnish I have won.

Take her feet and put them down
Shes locked into a coma
Take her hand and treat her nice
Shes on her way to home-a.

The first ten classes
Taken out of the masses
Were truly a very good start

Nows the time to stop just starting
Go middle and finish with heart!

Too many streets to travel down
Is like a time to go round and round
And see your very own town.

Imagination is funny
It makes the bees think of honey
It makes me want to be funny all the time!

Now seriousness and aptitude
Prevail my very attitude
For zillions of years are in the works.
Our loving creator and all you see
Will find us together...you and me! 

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