Unification News for December 2000


In the midst of nowhere,
God with all His love and comforting heart
Called and said to me...
My child, my precious daughter,
I donít want to see you alone and lonely anymore.
I took care of you and nurtured you, but waited for you to come to me,
Hoping you could grasp my presence,
And now, Iím so happy you can realize that Iím always at your side.

Feel free to feel the warmth of my love
Born again your strength in peace, hope and love,
Youíre beautiful and unique, talented and wonderful.
You have all the power in yourself to make things successful
Just believe in yourself,
Have the courage that you can do it.

Follow your heart,
Never walk in anyoneís shadow,
Be courageous and be brave,
Have confidence that anything you wish for
Will definitely be yours.

Be strong in every trial and life upheaval.
Again, be positive that everything you do will bring success.
Believe that you can reach your star, your dreams.

And if youíre in the midst of difficulties,
Most challenging situations in your life,
Donít panic; relax and be positive.
Remember that life is ups and downs.

Donít be discouraged in any failure.
But believe in yourself, that next time will be yours.
Full of hope and contentment.

When youíre in the midst of decision,
Follow your true heart and conscience.
They are your best friends, your loyal and true friends.
She will lead you to your bright future.

Remember that life is too short; make it worthwhile.
Wake up each day with a smiling and bright spirit,
Energetic and full of hope and enthusiasm.
Believe that each day will bring success and fulfillment.

Always think that everything in your surroundings
Is beautiful and ideal, friendly and lovable.
Learn to appreciate what is good and perfect in Godís eyes.
Never hurt others, in words, in actions, even in thought.
Never harbor any resentment or anger toward the one who hurt you.
Instead, love him/her and try to understand him/her more.

Learn to love everybody as your own brother or sister.
Think of them as your own self.
Loving others is loving yourself,
Respecting others is respecting yourself.



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